Featured Projects

The Professor: Tai Chi's Journey West
Genre: Documentary

A documentary about the great Tai Chi master, Cheng Man-Ching, who brought his profound teachings West in the swinging, turbulent 60s.  +

Genre: Documentary

Shaken by the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disasters, a young woman returns to a rural Japanese artist community to reconnect with her estranged parents.  +

Baby Lu
Genre: Drama

A forbidden crush forces thirteen year old Lucinda and her mountain man father to confront her developing sexuality in a small town in Northern New Mexico.    +

Below Dreams
Genre: Drama

Three young adults navigate the wayward streets of New Orleans in pursuit of employment, stardom, and unconditional love  +

Brady And Goliath: Gunfight on Capitol Hill
Genre: Documentary

A small group of gun violence prevention activists, headed by Jim and Sarah Brady, took on the most powerful lobbying group in America - and won! Major political players  +

A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur
Genre: Documentary

Once upon a time, Arthur Wood, a New York artist, and his wife buy a building at auction. They recreate it into the renowned iconic structure called Broken Angel. Twenty eight years  +

No le digas a nadie (Don't Tell Anyone)
Genre: Documentary

In a community where silence is seen as necessary for survival, undocumented immigrant activist Angy Rivera joins a generation of Dreamers in a quest to come out of the shadows  +

Genre: Documentary

The insidious nature of post-traumatic stress, and the complex question of how it's healed, is explored through the personal journeys of three American combat veterans from three  +

The Patron Saints
Genre: Documentary

 The Patron Saints is a disquieting and hyperrealistic glimpse into life at a nursing home.  +

Rawabi The Story of a City
Genre: Documentary

A city is rising in the West Bank from the ground up.  +

Genre: Documentary

Connected takes a compelling look at the positive economic and social impact on individual lives when a group of young entrepreneurs repurpose outdated computers in communities  +

Genre: Documentary

A talented group of orphan children in Swaziland create a fictional heroine and send her on a dangerous quest.  +

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