Featured Projects

A Palace of Ashes
Genre: Drama

Based on the true story of one courageous woman’s journey, which sets an epic love story against a backdrop of terror, espionage, revolution and the birth of a new  +

Undeniable - The Story of the Independent Soul Music Movement
Genre: Documentary

Coined everything from “Indie Soul” to the “Honest Music Movement,” ‘Undeniable’ traces the heretofore untold stories of artists and music lovers  +

Genre: Documentary

CHECKMATE (Formerly Corrupting the Earth) A documentary project on the geopolitical games of power play between Iran and the West and the innocent people caught in the crossfire.<  +

Star Nation
Genre: Documentary

A documentary about the incredible growth of the professional competitive video gaming industry surrounding StarCraft II.  +

Monster Island
Genre: Documentary

Monster Island is a portrait of contemporary individuals in the arts displaced by gentrification. Sample clip: https://vimeo.com/40919169 Password:land  +

Nam June Paik & TV Lab: License to Create
Genre: Documentary

Video art becomes a world-wide phenomenon, portable video documentaries change broadcast television, experimental drama and diverse, ethnic voices influence new generations though  +

Amongst Ourselves
Genre: Documentary

Professionally treating Dissociative Identity Disorder, a therapist juggles her own seventeen identities in this poetic and artistically offbeat exploration of a much-misunderstood  +

Rawabi The Story of a City
Genre: Documentary

A city is rising in the West Bank from the ground up.  +

Nessun Dorma (No One Sleeps)
Genre: Drama

An imaginative 11-year-old boy barrels into a rural town in a stolen Trans-Am, upending the routines of a widowed police dispatcher and a secretive barber.  +

Genre: Documentary

Wakaliwood is the Hollywood of Uganda’s ghettos, where “slumdog Tarantino” Isaac Nabwana has made over forty six movies in ten years with his devoted crew of working  +

Brave New Wild
Genre: Documentary

A hobo climber's daughter takes a playful look at the birth of rock climbing as a counterculture movement.  +

A Fortunate Life
Genre: Documentary

A Fortunate Life the Story of Urva K. is about hope in the midst of horror and learned lightness of being born from escaping death and destruction as a child refugee.  +

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