Featured Projects

Genre: Documentary

Can communities successfully stop young people from killing and being killed? Is youth-on-youth violence preventable?  +

Looking at the Stars
Genre: Documentary

Looking at the Stars is a character based, lyrical documentary that follows blind ballerinas in São Paulo, Brazil, who are part of the only ballet company for the blind in  +

Genre: Drama

Family is an institution. Sometimes, you gotta break out. Creedmoria is a film about a girl who does just that. Please help us raise post-production  +

The Singing Wilderness
Genre: Documentary

A look at the life of Sigurd Olson (1899-1982) – nature writer, conservationist, and canoe guide – and his conviction that humans have a biological, evolutionary connection  +

Under the Ground (working title)
Genre: Documentary

Set in the striking arid lands of western New Mexico this film will tell the story of people whose lives have forever been changed by uranium mining.  Still dealing with the  +

The Patron Saints
Genre: Documentary

 The Patron Saints is a disquieting and hyperrealistic glimpse into life at a nursing home.  +

The First Men
Genre: Drama

A mother, a daughter, a student, and a day at the mall.  +

Afghanistan 2014
Genre: Documentary

As the Americans pull out of Afghanistan, will the international efforts of the past decade pay-off for women?  This is the side of the Afghan story you've never heard from  +

Coming Out
Genre: Documentary

Following a series of gay teen suicides, a deeply closeted student confronts his repressed sexuality in search of acceptance from his family, community, and himself.  +

A Hole in the Sky (GODKA CIRKA)
Genre: Documentary

A HOLE IN THE SKY is an observational documentary that takes place in Beerato, a wind-swept village in Somaliland, an unrecognized self-declared de facto sovereign state, recognized  +

Out Of The Blue
Genre: Documentary

Rediscover the human connection to the ocean.   +

The 78 Project
Genre: Documentary

A journey across America to record today’s musicians with authentic 1930's technology in a quest to connect with the haunting recordings of the past.  +

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