Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps
Genre: Experimental

Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps is a filmed interpretation of Scott Turner Schofield’s transgender performance piece embodying the experience of becoming a man.  +

Born in China
Genre: Documentary

BORN IN CHINA exposes the unknown facts of China’s unprecedented One Child Policy and its immense social consequences and lasting impact on generations of people’s lives.  +

I am Another You
Genre: Documentary

Through the eyes of an American young drifter who rejects society's rules and intentionally chooses to live on the streets, Chinese filmmaker Nanfu Wang explores the meaning of personal  +

Our Sisters
Genre: Documentary

On Montana’s Flathead Indian Reservation, a shy teenage girl sews dresses to memorialize Native women so frequently lost to violence. She wonders: “Could I be next?”  +

Hart Island: How The Other Half Dies
Genre: Documentary

On a desolate island, ten miles North of Manhattan, inmates from Riker's Island Jail volunteer to bury the unclaimed, indigent, and unidentified dead of New York City.  +

Stones of Tribulation
Genre: Drama

A young man and woman in a religious cult use Scripture against their prophet after the man's sister is stoned to death.  +

Genre: Documentary

ULAM is a feature length documentary film about the rise and breakthrough of Filipino food in the U.S. culinary mainstream today.  +

A Little Wisdom
Genre: Documentary

Through the eyes of five-year-old monk Hopakuli and share in his joys and sorrows as he endures the rigors of monastic life. A Little Wisdom is an intimate portrayal of what it means  +

Walk In My Shoes
Genre: Documentary

Walk In My Shoes is a multimedia project that analyzes anecdotes of racialization from Atlantans in order to illuminate paths toward racial-unification for the larger country.  +

Genre: Documentary

Assumed dead, Heather Lyn Brown had been missing from Alabama for more than a decade. Out of hiding, Heather is now ready to tell her story.  +

One Afternoon
Genre: Documentary

One Afternoon is a documentary about a group of millennials traveling across the United States to interview 50 veterans about their life stories.  +

Let The Gods Dance
Genre: Documentary

An untouchable drummer and his family risk their livelihood to challenge caste oppression in the Himalayas of Uttarakhand, India.  +

Among Mountain Crags
Genre: Drama

A romantic revenge thriller set in the Appalachian mountains. An ostracized young woman flees her coalmining town with a handsome stranger, only to find their pasts and futures  +

Genre: Comedy

In the midst of a breakup, a young longstanding couple is haunted by Phil; a human manifestation of their shared history.  +

Amazing Berks: Traffic Opera
Genre: Experimental

Motorists stuck at a traffic light sing their way through a conflict.  +

"A" My Name Is
Genre: Drama

An eight-year old girl with cancer faces her own mortality and her ongoing struggle to overcome her illness.  +

Sadistic Intent
Genre: Horror

Two metal musicians seeking artistic inspiration entrap a young woman within a remote mansion estate.  +

The So Long Song
Genre: Drama

To find her voice, a children's songwriter must first break her heart.  +

A Taste of Sky
Genre: Documentary

In South America's poorest country an innovative cooking school and world-class restaurant is offering the possibility of hope to the country’s impoverished youth.  +

Black Snake Killers
Genre: Documentary

Black Snake Killers is a web-based series and transmedia project documenting the stories of youth activists for the #NoDAPL movement at the Standing Rock Reservation.  +

Loss and Found
Genre: Comedy

Who rescues who.  +

The Real Thing
Genre: Drama

A Soldier returns home to meet his recently-transitioned daughter for the first time.   "project sounds important message." -The  +

The Secret Dream
Genre: Drama

Disillusioned by the death of his mentor, a blind painter is bequeathed a wondrous gift.  +

Bread & Circuses
Genre: Documentary

Economist and Professor Richard Wolff argues that in a democracy, worker run and owned cooperatives are the solution to corporate greed and worker oppression.  +

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