Born in China
Genre: Documentary

BORN IN CHINA exposes the unknown facts of China’s unprecedented One Child Policy and its immense social consequences and lasting impact on generations of people’s lives.  +

I am Another You
Genre: Documentary

Through the eyes of an American young drifter who rejects society's rules and intentionally chooses to live on the streets, Chinese filmmaker Nanfu Wang explores the meaning of personal  +

Our Sisters
Genre: Documentary

On Montana’s Flathead Indian Reservation, a shy teenage girl sews dresses to memorialize Native women so frequently lost to violence. She wonders: “Could I be next?”  +

A Little Wisdom
Genre: Documentary

Through the eyes of five-year-old monk Hopakuli and share in his joys and sorrows as he endures the rigors of monastic life. A Little Wisdom is an intimate portrayal of what it means  +

Genre: Documentary

Assumed dead, Heather Lyn Brown had been missing from Alabama for more than a decade. Out of hiding, Heather is now ready to tell her story.  +

One Afternoon
Genre: Documentary

One Afternoon is a documentary about a group of millennials traveling across the United States to interview 50 veterans about their life stories.  +

Genre: Comedy

In the midst of a breakup, a young longstanding couple is haunted by Phil; a human manifestation of their shared history.  +

Amazing Berks: Traffic Opera
Genre: Experimental

Motorists stuck at a traffic light sing their way through a conflict.  +

"A" My Name Is
Genre: Drama

An eight-year old girl with cancer faces her own mortality and her ongoing struggle to overcome her illness.  +

Sadistic Intent
Genre: Horror

Two metal musicians seeking artistic inspiration entrap a young woman within a remote mansion estate.  +

The So Long Song
Genre: Drama

To find her voice, a children's songwriter must first break her heart.  +

A Taste of Sky
Genre: Documentary

In South America's poorest country an innovative cooking school and world-class restaurant is offering the possibility of hope to the country’s impoverished youth.  +

Black Snake Killers
Genre: Documentary

Black Snake Killers is a web-based series and transmedia project documenting the stories of youth activists for the #NoDAPL movement at the Standing Rock Reservation.  +

Loss and Found
Genre: Comedy

Who rescues who.  +

The Real Thing
Genre: Drama

A Soldier returns home to meet his recently-transitioned daughter for the first time.   "project sounds important message." -The  +

The Secret Dream
Genre: Drama

Disillusioned by the death of his mentor, a blind painter is bequeathed a wondrous gift.  +

Bread & Circuses
Genre: Documentary

Economist and Professor Richard Wolff argues that in a democracy, worker run and owned cooperatives are the solution to corporate greed and worker oppression.  +

Genre: Science Fiction

In a world where technology has made memory a commodity, a desperate husband seeks out a risky procedure to save the love of his life.  +

Genre: Drama

Frankie, an intellectually disabled high school senior, leaves a penny on the railroad tracks the morning of a freak train derailment. Assuming responsibility, he goes into hiding  +

The Tourists
Genre: Documentary

tbd  +

Nightmares by the Sea
Genre: Drama

After losing custody of his son, a young father is forced to confront the meaning of his existence while combating depression, alcoholism, and self-doubt, but the promise of new  +

Hands of God
Genre: Documentary

The true story of grit and determination, of young men literally fighting for their lives one day on the battlefields of Iraq and competing to fight for their nation the next.  +

Scooter Cops of BedStuy
Genre: Documentary

1970 BedStuy, Brooklyn was troubled and dangerous. Yet scooter cops Joe and Kenny served the neighborhood and brought in criminals without ever firing their weapons.  +

Radical Generosity
Genre: Documentary

a documentary on economic justice, speaks for the vulnerable populations in New York City, at the same time promoting a solution to their struggle.  +

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