Featured Projects

Half a Soulja (Urban Casualties)
Genre: Documentary

Byron Breeze, Jr., born without legs or complete hands, is determined to “be somebody” and in the process challenges society to see his wholeness and not just his  +

Influence of a Dollar
Genre: Drama

The girls in the hood aren't always hard.  +

Coming Out
Genre: Documentary

Following a series of gay teen suicides, a deeply closeted student confronts his repressed sexuality in search of acceptance from his family, community, and himself.  +

We Exist
Genre: Documentary

Journey with Lauren Lubin as she undergoes Sexual Reassignment Surgery to become not male... not female... but a third gender. Transition alongside Lauren during the month leading  +

Jillian's Peak
Genre: Drama

  Is an inspirational story about Jillian Thomas an African American woman who is married to a man and struggling with the truth that she is gay. Jillian is a successful  +

A Fortunate Life
Genre: Documentary

A Fortunate Life the Story of Urva K. is about hope in the midst of horror and learned lightness of being born from escaping death and destruction as a child refugee.  +

Genre: Documentary

The story of three generations of one American family who shared a drive to fight for justice throughout the twentieth century.  +

Community is Greater than Heroin
Genre: Documentary

Heroin addiction is a major national epidemic and one state is leading the country in addiction and they are last with funding for prevention, treatment and recovery. The stigma  +

Genre: Documentary

A talented group of orphaned children in Swaziland confront past trauma as they create a fictional heroine and send her on a dangerous quest.  +

Genre: Documentary

REFUGEE KIDS: ONE SMALL SCHOOL TAKES ON THE WORLD follows children from global hot spots who attend the International Rescue Committee’s summer school in preparation for  +

Out Of The Blue
Genre: Documentary

Rediscover the human connection to the ocean.   +

Brave New Wild
Genre: Documentary

A hobo climber's daughter takes a playful look at the birth of rock climbing as a counterculture movement.  +

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