Featured Projects

Genre: Documentary

In the upcoming documentary "Turn" the filmmaker tells the intimate and painful stories of North Carolina LGBTQ’s from different faiths whose families  +

Poli's Wonderland
Genre: Documentary

Artisan, immigrant, theater magnate and pioneer of the cinema in America — Sylvester Poli’s untold story takes us from 19th century rural Italy to contemporary Connecticut.


This World is Not My Own
Genre: Documentary

Born on the 4th of July, 1900, Nellie Mae Rowe lived through segregation, prejudice and poverty to ultimately be recognized as a groundbreaking, visionary artist.  +

Free CeCe
Genre: Documentary

CeCe McDonald, a trans African American woman served a 41 month prison sentence for defending herself against a violent, racist and transphobic attack in Minnesota which resulted  +

Genre: Documentary

REFUGEE KIDS: ONE SMALL SCHOOL TAKES ON THE WORLD follows children from global hot spots who attend the International Rescue Committee’s summer school in preparation for  +

Letters from Baghdad
Genre: Documentary

More influential than her colleague Lawrence of Arabia, Gertrude Bell was the most powerful woman in the British Empire, drawing the borders of Iraq, before disappearing from history.  +

The Age of Love
Genre: Documentary

A first-of-its-kind Speed Dating event for 70- to 90-year-olds compels a diverse group of seniors to take stock of life-worn bodies and still-hopeful hearts and confront the reality  +

Sitting at God's Table
Genre: Documentary

5 religious leaders + 1 filmmaker + a 7-hour dinner + a myriad of controversial questions = a full-length documentary that pushes boundaries and leads to the understanding of why  +

Genre: Drama

Rising passions in a sinking Venice.  +

The Destruction of Memory
Genre: Documentary

The war on culture, and the battle to save it.  +

Star Nation
Genre: Documentary

A documentary about the incredible growth of the professional competitive video gaming industry surrounding StarCraft II.  +

Directing Rhoda: the Arts of Living
Genre: Documentary

At 85, director and choreographer Rhoda Levine struggles to understand her legacy and finds it lives on in the careers of those she has guided.  +

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