In the Beginning was Water and Sky

: Narrative Short
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Completed


A uniquely haunting and visually stunning dark fairytale, this short film artfully blends fantasy and real life events. Two Native American children, caught in different yet somehow similar perilous circumstances, try to find their way back to a home that has been taken from them.


In the Beginning was Water and Sky is a nightmarish fairytale-drama that combines the horrors of both fantasy and real life historical events. It follows two parallel stories about a Native American Boy in the 1960s who freezes to death after escaping Indian Boarding School, and a Native American Girl in the 1700s who returns home from a vision quest to find her entire village frozen in time and place.


By combining these two stories thematically centered around the concept of freezing, the narrative suggests that Native American culture was “frozen” in the tracks of its natural progression as a result of European colonization and government policy. Yet through the film's bold use of symbolic imagery and the fantasy genre, the story also suggests that a steady “thaw” is taking place as Indigenous communities regain their shared sense of identity and impose new meaning on colonial history.

The horrors inflicted on hundreds of thousands of Native Americans as a result of Indian Boarding Schools and the Frontier Life are a difficult part of our national legacy that we must summon the courage to face and learn from. Ultimately, a nation collectively chooses what to remember and what to forget. Together, we can choose to remember one of the largest incidents of cultural genocide in American history that has, to this day, remained largely untold.


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