Genre: Drama

When a gay male South Asian couple propositions their Indian-American actress best-friend to become their surrogate, their new arrangement creates more problems than it solves.  +

Blue Line
Genre: Documentary

“Blue Line” chronicles a town's controversial and divisive decision to paint a blue line in support of the police on one of their busiest streets.  +

Genre: Drama

An unlikely partnership is formed when an old school, Northern California pot farmer and an undocumented Mexican team up to rob an ancient strain of Mayan marijuana from an illegal  +

A Diplomat of Consequence
Genre: Documentary

A forgotten hero.  A man who stood alone and was willing to risk everything to do the right thing.  +

Genre: Drama

When a privileged Mulatto slave learns her Master has sold her son to a notorious slave trader, she’s determined to escape during Kentucky’s Antebellum South, 1852.  +

Shelter Me
Genre: Drama

A young woman fleeing a domestic abuse situation becomes ensnared in a homicide investigation that threatens both herself and a young child she has befriended.  +

Limping Towards Babylon
Genre: Comedy

Five graduate student roommates are all secretly in love with the wrong person, until a professor's theft lights the fire that ignites their contained passions.  +

A Storybook Ending
Genre: Drama

A Storybook Ending unfolds through shifting time frames, exploring contemporary race relations experienced by multiple characters whose lives intersect thanks to a single, life-changing  +

Genre: Drama

A man has found a cure for a bizarre pandemic sweeping through his community afflicting those with strange symptoms and sleepless nights.  +

Mass Romantic
Genre: Documentary

When a mathematician races to save 20,000 Indian films from extinction, he reveals how culture is lost—and found—in the digital age.  +

Testimony Project
Genre: Documentary

Testimony is an ongoing interactive documentary for Virtual Reality that shares the stories of survivors of sexual assault and their journey to healing.  +

The Corporate Coup d'Etat
Genre: Documentary

This feature documentary reveals how a handful of huge corporations have taken over our lives, replacing democracy with a "corporatocracy" leading to disastrous results.  +

Remember Me
Genre: Horror

After another unarmed black teen is killed by police, a wilting black man haunted by the victims of lynchings in America is forced to come to terms with his identity, rage and African  +

As If Tomorrow
Genre: Drama

After the death of his dad, a high school student sees in his final Philosophy essay a way to teach his peers a life lesson that he himself is about to learn.  +

A Case of Blue
Genre: Drama

Haunted by a lost love, a recent retiree encounters a woman, who is the spitting image of a romantic partner from decades before and he tries to escape into his past with her.  +

Lust Life
Genre: Drama

A star-crossed love story in the world of polyamory and sex parties in New York City.  +

Art In The Shadows
Genre: Documentary

A portrait of an eccentric amateur art collector, this is an investigation into art, obsession and the thin line that divides fake from real.  +

American Muslim
Genre: Documentary

As Muslims across the country are vilified by the President, the filmmaker explores how Muslims in NYC are coping in this new social landscape.  +

Everything Burns
Genre: Documentary

Here in an instance; Gone with a spark; May this city help form our hearts  +

Delia & Sammy
Genre: Drama

Delia has just recently found out she is dying and goes in search of a caretaker for her ailing husband, Sammy.Using their old Mercedes Benz as a bargaining chip, Delia and  +

Visitando Oliva
Genre: Drama

Visitando Oliva follows a floundering post graduate as he visits his estranged grandmother who lives in rural Mexico.  +

Afghan Girls Robotics Team
Genre: Documentary

This is the uplifting story of six teenage girls from Afghanistan, who come together to compete in an international robotics competition held in Washington D.C.  +

Closing the Brauhaus
Genre: Documentary

The Kempf family wrestles with the decision to close the Chicago Brauhaus, a hub for Chicago’s post-WWII European immigrants for 52 years.  +

Where the Boys Are
Genre: Drama

Two lonesome employees at a virtual reality sex center search for physical intimacy in a world of digital relationships.  +

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