Into the Night: Portraits of Life and Death, part 2
Genre: Documentary

Into the Night: Portraits of Life and Death, part 2 features intimate, provocative stories of nine men and women forever changed by their encounters with mortality.  +

Genre: Documentary

A film about ancestry, spirituality and an encounter with origins. An ethnographic account of the cultural exchange between Brazil and Africa told from the life trajectories of  +

Untitled Sam Project (working title)
Genre: Documentary

In 2006, film producer, Sam, began a 24-year prison sentence leaving behind his young son. Now, they’re rebuilding their relationship by writing a film together.  +

Insert Yourself
Genre: Documentary

The intrauterine device (IUD) is enjoying a surge in popularity in the US, but a fraught history complicates its status as birth control royalty.  +

Untitled Oyster Film
Genre: Documentary

The ghosts of over-farmed oysters haunt New York City, the former oyster capital of the world, as environmental hopefuls attempt to repopulate these queer heroes.  +

SOUND & LIGHT (Working Title)
Genre: Drama

SAFE & SOUND (working title) is a series of dramatic stories shared online, including a hauntingly post-apocalyptic 'fairy tale' and a comedy of terrors. The series will, star  +

Black Privilege. White Power.
Genre: Drama

A young white Smith College student joins with an activist group to fight for civil rights in the Jim Crow era South and ends up taking part in one of the great protest movements  +

I'm The Veteran
Genre: Documentary

By sharing the stories of women veterans over generations this documentary breaks the stereotype of what a veteran looks like, setting the record straight.  +

Genre: Drama

When a young social elite at the turn of the nineteenth century explores life as a modern woman, she risks losing the man she loves and a certain future.  +

Genre: Science Fiction

After an astronomer discovers life on a star, dangerous changes creep into her life and her reality comes apart at the seams.  +

Aimee Doc Project (working title)
Genre: Documentary

Aimee Doc Project (working title) is an 86 minute observational documentary exploring 15 years of grief, faith, motherhood, and rebirth through the story of Aimee, a Chinese-American  +

Pink Moon
Genre: Drama

A queer couple living out of their van plan to rob a bank in a small conservative town.  +

Beyond Fear: A Place for Grizzlies
Genre: Documentary

Humans and grizzlies have co-existed peacefully for millennia. Native Americans tell us why that's important and how it is done.  +

Trans in Trumpland
Genre: Documentary

With unprecedented violence facing trans people today, a trans Iranian-American filmmaker embarks on a journey across America to discover what is like to navigate this political  +

Estamos Unidos
Genre: Documentary

Hundreds of Central American migrants form a “caravan” and must navigate the pains and joys of unity along an arduous journey across Mexico and towards the United States.  +

Power of Attorney
Genre: Student Film

A heartless estate attorney searches the desert for the hidden assets of his deceased client only to find a dead body and a newfound empathy.  +

Genre: Drama

A Mississippi high school senior with a vivid imagination fantasizes how living in America would be if slavery never existed.  +

Royal Secrets: Resort & Casino
Genre: Student Film

ULEE, an older, wannabe casanova roams a Caribbean singles resort seeking one last shot at love.  +

Untitled Iranian-American Documentary
Genre: Documentary

Our documentary follows well-known Iranians in the US as they challenge harmful stereotypes in an age of war, travel bans and hostile discrimination.  +

Some Days You're The Dog, Some Days You're The Tree
Genre: Documentary

An intimate look at boxing trainer Pete Brodsky’s tenuous relationship with his fighter, Cletus “The Hebrew Hammer” Seldin.  +

Beauford Delaney: So Splendid A Journey
Genre: Documentary

An Artist’s Life, From Tennessee to Paris, through Harlem. Paranoia, poverty, sexual conflicts, voices in his head, yet he was driven to create great art.  +

The Other Side
Genre: Drama

Tara finally decides to meet her son and his adoptive family for the first time, but is unprepared for the tensions arising around her sexual identity.  +

Genre: Drama

On the first day of Eid, a self boy learns to think about more than just himself... The hard way!  +

Untitled Marshall Curry Development Projects
Genre: Documentary

This fiscal sponsorship is for the development of a variety of documentary, fiction, and hybrid projects under the Marshall Curry Productions banner.  +

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