A Case of Blue
Genre: Drama

A recent retiree attends a life-drawing class and discovers that the nude model bears a resemblance to a lover from before he met his wife.  +

Everything Burns
Genre: Documentary

Under redevelopment  +

Delia & Sammy
Genre: Drama

Delia has just recently found out she is dying and goes in search of a caretaker for her ailing husband, Sammy.Using their old Mercedes Benz as a bargaining chip, Delia and  +

Visitando Oliva
Genre: Drama

Visitando Oliva follows a floundering post graduate as he visits his estranged grandmother who lives in rural Mexico.  +

Afghan Girls Robotics Team
Genre: Documentary

This is the uplifting story of six teenage girls from Afghanistan, who come together to compete in an international robotics competition held in Washington D.C.  +

Closing the Brauhaus
Genre: Documentary

The Kempf family wrestles with the decision to close the Chicago Brauhaus, a hub for Chicago’s post-WWII European immigrants for 52 years.  +

Where the Boys Are
Genre: Drama

Two lonesome employees at a virtual reality sex center search for physical intimacy in a world of digital relationships.  +

Medea, South Carolina
Genre: Drama

A troubled young mother seeks an impossible justice.  +

Seeds of Peace
Genre: Documentary

Seeds of Peace follows Israeli and Palestinian teenage activists who were trying to build a new future for the region in the 1990s – until state violence threatened to tear their grassroots  +

Lux Sine
Genre: Documentary

A VR exploration of a neutrino research lab and the sacred caves of the Black Hills  +

The Cure for Fear
Genre: Documentary

A scientist believes she’s found the cure for fear—simply swallow a single white pill—but what are the moral consequences of erasing human emotion?  +

Genre: Documentary

No Arms-No Legs-No Limits! Her life seemed over before it even began, when bullying and sexual abuse screamed for suicide. What one remarkable woman can teach us  +

There are Still Wizards
Genre: Documentary

Imagine a love story spanning 60 years, adventures greater than Indiana Jones, and a mission to save the species on this planet from certain extinction.  +

Islam and the Future of Tolerance
Genre: Documentary

September 10, 2001, atheist philosopher Sam Harris was studying neuroscience in California and Maajid Nawaz was in Egypt, a top recruiter for Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir. The next  +

Milk Money
Genre: Student Film

Two men, bonded by the death of a mutual friend, test their limits when they discover lucrative business in selling milk infused with marijuana.  +

Disturbing Schools
Genre: Documentary

After two South Carolina teenage girls are arrested by a popular police officer in their high school classroom, controversial cell-phone videos of the incident go viral. Pandora's  +

Rights of Nature: El Alma del Pueblo
Genre: Documentary

Ecuador’s indigenous communities unite, in the face of persecution, to defend the revolutionary Rights of Nature inscribed in the constitution they helped to create.  +

Foster Care Film & Community Engagement Project (FCFCEP)
Genre: Documentary

Foster Care Film & Community Engagement Project tells the true-to-life stories of foster youth to create greater understanding of the child welfare system.  +

Beyond the Bikini (working title)
Genre: Documentary

A documentary film to explore the inequities that exist between women's and men's healthcare because of traditional biases and practices.  +

This Little Land of Mines
Genre: Documentary

This Little Land of Mines is about the resilience of the Lao people as they work to clear 80 million unexploded American bombs from when the U.S. bombed Laos more than any country  +

Charm Circle
Genre: Documentary

The Bursteins are an eccentric Jewish family navigating their playful but cantankerous relationship after years of mental health challenges have tested the ties that bind.  +

Dream Touch Believe
Genre: Documentary

The inspiring story of sculptor Michael Naranjo. As a young man Naranjo lost his eyesight in the Vietnam War, but not his vision. He fought past critics and a disability to achieve  +

Perfectly Audible
Genre: Drama

You don’t have to hear music to feel it, and for Cadence—who has been deaf for as long as he can remember—making music acts as an emotional escape. That is, until  +

Genre: Documentary

A young queer Muslim woman’s decision to come out after the Orlando shooting is muddled due to her religious mother's silent disapproval.  +

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