Genre: Drama

After 16 years, Catherine and Daniel are reunited with their long lost daughter.  +

Choice Neighborhood (working title)
Genre: Documentary

Choice Neighborhood focuses on the dynamics that emerge between people as a city leverages significant public and private dollars to transform a struggling neighborhood.  +

Tattoo Mike: The Illustrated Man
Genre: Documentary

A New York City icon’s struggle with his sexual expression through art and drugs, set against the shadow side of 1980s New York.  +

Genre: Documentary

HATELAND exposes how the United States has ignored right-wing extremism over the past decade and investigates how we can combat this domestic threat.  +

The Doctrine of Discontent
Genre: Experimental

A husband kills his wife for life insurance.  +

Survival Turfs
Genre: Drama

Survival Turfs is an indie feature film about Robert and his family move to a new neighborhood in Brooklyn NY to start fresh.  +

Bad Hombres
Genre: Documentary

As Donald Trump calls for building walls, a unique pro baseball team is defiantly knocking them down.  +

The Organist
Genre: Documentary

The longtime organist at San Francisco’s iconic Castro Theatre — an underrecognized LGBTQ artist at the end of his career — attempts to secure his legacy.  +

Genre: Drama

"Nausea" is a day in the life of one woman struggling to exist while managing a mental illness, a task that threatens to overwhelm her.  +

Dusty & Stones
Genre: Documentary

Dusty & Stones, Swaziland’s preeminent country music duo, have always dreamt of America. When a Nashville producer and a small town Texas battle of the bands  +

Brandi Finds God
Genre: Comedy

A slightly-drunk, free-spirited woman attends a Spanish-speaking, Pentecostal church and befriends a teen girl struggling with a cultural identity crisis.  +

The Drum Also Waltzes: In Search of Max Roach
Genre: Documentary

The Drum Also Waltzes explores the life of drummer/composer/activist Max Roach—his creative triumphs, bold cultural activism, and times of tragedy and challenge.  +

The Girl in the Camera
Genre: Drama

The story follows Corey, a young photographer who is a victim of loneliness. Things change when he is gifted a camera that brings to life a young girl, and puts him in an unusual  +

Out of Breath
Genre: Documentary

A billion sufferers and only one treatment. Obstructive Sleep Apnea is the medical field’s forgotten disease. How and why did this happen?  +

Genre: Documentary

The story of Cuba’s first gay bar and the drag queens that helped change a nation.  +

Genre: Documentary

A portrait of Miles Davis and his only protege, Wallace Roney, told through the fifty year journey of the artist’s lost masterpiece, “Universe.”  +

End of the Line
Genre: Documentary

END OF THE LINE is a feature-length documentary about the struggle to save New York City’s aging subways and how it relates to widespread infrastructure challenges across  +

Genre: Drama

During a weekend trip home, a young black New Jersey native's ongoing battle with depression becomes a poetic exploration of personal struggle.  +

Untitled Storm Lake Project
Genre: Documentary

Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Art Cullen fights to protect his rural town from powerful local and national forces while his family newspaper hangs by a thread.  +

Genre: Drama

A rural rancher and his ailing husband, struggling against poverty and isolation, make a heartbreaking decision in order to preserve the dignity of their marriage.  +

Genre: Drama

An urban love story set in the EMS world of New York from the eyes of Ela, a mysterious and lonely Middle Eastern immigrant, who recently became an EMT.  +

The Lore of Alice
Genre: Horror

Babysitter. Storyteller. Witch. Your children are not safe.  +

Our Daughters
Genre: Documentary

Our Daughters is a hybrid documentary feature that examines open transracial adoption through an immigrant lens. What are the unique challenges facing immigrant adoptive parents?  +

The Money or The jag
Genre: Drama

In The Money or The Jag a correction officer and prison inmate battle for dominance and autonomy inside a prison controlled by the inmates.  +

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