Dusty & Stones
Genre: Documentary

Swaziland's top country music duo heads to the US to record in Nashville and compete in a small-town Texas battle of the bands.  +

The Drum Also Waltzes: In Search of Max Roach
Genre: Documentary

The Drum Also Waltzes explores the life of drummer/composer/activist Max Roach—his creative triumphs, bold cultural activism, and times of tragedy and challenge.  +

Genre: Documentary

The story of Cuba’s first gay bar and the drag queens that helped change a nation.  +

Genre: Documentary

A portrait of Miles Davis and his only protege, Wallace Roney, told through the fifty year journey of the artist’s lost masterpiece, “Universe.”  +

Genre: Drama

During a weekend trip home, a young black New Jersey native's ongoing battle with depression becomes a poetic exploration of personal struggle.  +

Untitled Storm Lake Project
Genre: Documentary

Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Art Cullen fights to protect his rural town from powerful local and national forces while his family newspaper hangs by a thread.  +

Genre: Drama

A rural rancher and his ailing husband, struggling against poverty and isolation, make a heartbreaking decision in order to preserve the dignity of their marriage.  +

Genre: Drama

An urban love story set in the EMS world of New York from the eyes of Ela, a mysterious and lonely Middle Eastern immigrant, who recently became an EMT.  +

Our Daughters
Genre: Documentary

Our Daughters is a hybrid documentary feature that examines open transracial adoption through an immigrant lens. What are the unique challenges facing immigrant adoptive parents?  +

The Money or The jag
Genre: Drama

In The Money or The Jag a correction officer and prison inmate battle for dominance and autonomy inside a prison controlled by the inmates.  +

The Sixty-Six Percent
Genre: Documentary

A documentary that presents how the majority of women in the US are considered plus size, yet treated as the minority in women's apparel.  +

Asta's Journey
Genre: Drama

A young girl discovers that the fairytale creatures and stories from her childhood are real as she struggles to help save a new friend. Strength, courage, and faith are needed if  +

Joy Dancer
Genre: Documentary

An artist, on a journey of healing, combines dance and music to explore the past, present and future of South Africa at a crossroads.  +

Sophie & Jyothi
Genre: Student Film

Jyothi and Sophie are two women who’ve had enough. But their decision to walk out turns deadly—and a new life on the run begins.  +

Genre: Documentary

Against every obstacle imaginable Germaine Jenkins— urban farmer, grocer and activist— is fighting for civil rights’ latest frontier: food justice.  +

The Nuclear World: Part 3 "Resolution" w.t.
Genre: Documentary

The Nuclear World Project is a continuing exploration on how the nuclear bomb, the most destructive weapon ever created, is a continuing dilemma for humankind.  +

Turner Falls
Genre: Drama

When a life insurance fraud investigator returns to his heroin-ravaged hometown in rural Massachusetts to investigate a rash of false policies, he finds himself ensnared in a deadly  +

The 2nd First Meeting
Genre: Science Fiction

A New York loner gets way more than he bargained for when he attempts to meet up with a woman he’s only known online.  +

Untitled Jefferson County Project
Genre: Documentary

As environmental regulations are loosened and billions in tax breaks given to manufacturers, a West Virginian community tries to stop construction of a polluting factory.  +

Genre: Drama

Two unlikely childhood friends navigate their increasingly fragile and uncertain world as rumours of war and deportation loom over their lives and relationship.  +

Fearless Misfits (Shish-kebab Western)
Genre: Comedy

Rescued by a Cowboy, a Bedouin and an Orthodox Jew from a forced marriage, a harem owned damsel leads this gang to rob a bank and win her freedom.  +

The Life of Bill Everson: A California Odyssey
Genre: Documentary

The story of Everson's life is a radical search for truth, a sacramental connection to place which parallels the very identity of America itself.  +

Off The Menu
Genre: Student Film

When a perfectionist chef who works on death row can’t satisfy a new inmate, he hurries to make her another “last meal” before her execution.  +

Just Never Leave
Genre: Drama

An American punk rocker has to pull a crime job in Buenos Aires to save her transgender girlfriend from a terminal disease.  +

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