Genre: Documentary

A chronicle of the private and public life of Valerie Sassyfras, a pop zydeco fixture in New Orleans.  +

The Thread
Genre: Documentary

A series of docu-shorts highlighting the successes, challenges, and supportive ecosystem of black creatives, innovators and entrepreneurs.  +

Charlie Bee Company
Genre: Documentary

A quirky beekeeper must safely remove and relocate bees before they terrorize communities or fall victim to extermination.  +

Genre: Drama

A premonition of an assasination leads an aging gay activist to warn the public; the backlash threatens to ruin him.  +

Robert Irwin: A Desert Of Pure Feeling
Genre: Documentary

Legendary iconoclast Robert Irwin pioneers the concept of ‘site specific’ art, emerging from decades of obscurity to become one of the most influential artists alive today.  +

Genre: Documentary

Weaving the narrative of Ezra's short lifetime with stories of survivors, the video depicts the disturbing and confounding epidemic of teen suicide.   +

Monuments to a Disappearance
Genre: Documentary

During WWII, thousands of Jewish refugees were imprisoned in Canadian concentration camps. Today, their story resonates with contemporary refugees living nearby the old camps.  +

Our Land
Genre: Documentary

The 640 million acres of America’s public land is the last commonly held asset on the planet, which puts them squarely in the crosshairs of the immensely powerful.  +

Genre: Documentary

Nine follows Gerald Hankerson, a formerly wrongfully incarcerated Black community leader as he works tirelessly to free the wrongfully convicted former cellmate who raised him.  +

Genre: Drama

After 16 years, Catherine and Daniel are reunited with their long lost daughter.  +

Before El Fina
Genre: Drama

A reclusive artist invites life-long friends to her isolated farm and reveals a shocking plan. Before the weekend ends, secrets are sacrificed forcing a devastating choice.  +

Choice Neighborhood (working title)
Genre: Documentary

Choice Neighborhood focuses on the dynamics that emerge between people as a city leverages significant public and private dollars to transform a struggling neighborhood.  +

Untitled Wyoming Film
Genre: Drama

coming soon  +

Tattoo Mike: The Illustrated Man
Genre: Documentary

A New York City icon’s struggle with his sexual expression through art and drugs, set against the shadow side of 1980s New York.  +

Genre: Documentary

HATELAND exposes how the United States has ignored right-wing extremism over the past decade and investigates how we can combat this domestic threat.  +

The Doctrine of Discontent
Genre: Experimental

A husband kills his wife for life insurance.  +

Survival Turfs
Genre: Drama

Survival Turfs is an indie feature film about Robert and his family move to a new neighborhood in Brooklyn NY to start fresh.  +

Dreams in the Witch House
Genre: Horror

A real estate appraiser tries to prove if a house is haunted but instead traps herself where nightmares and reality become one and the same.  +

Bad Hombres
Genre: Documentary

As Donald Trump calls for building walls, a unique pro baseball team is defiantly knocking them down.  +

The Bertie Bowman Story (The Invisibles)
Genre: Documentary

In 1944, a young poor sharecropper's son, runs away from his home in the deeply segregated South and goes to Washington, D.C. looking for the american dream and gets his first jo  +

Hawaiian Soul
Genre: Drama

A young activist, disturbed by an angry crowd and his inner demons, needs to find the right words to sway them, so he uses his musical talents to bring down the barriers and ultimately  +

The Organist
Genre: Documentary

The longtime organist at San Francisco’s iconic Castro Theatre — an underrecognized LGBTQ artist at the end of his career — attempts to secure his legacy.  +

Genre: Drama

"Nausea" is a day in the life of one woman struggling to exist while managing a mental illness, a task that threatens to overwhelm her.  +

Dusty & Stones
Genre: Documentary

Dusty & Stones struggle to sustain a country music career in their tiny African kingdom of Swaziland and yearn for success in the United States. When a Nashville producer and  +

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