Genre: Comedy

On the day of her dad’s ash scattering, twenty-three-year old Nora redefines the classic stages of grief when she realizes that her family’s mourning process isn’t  +

For the Love of Monsters
Genre: Student Film

A soft-spoken Nigerian girl comes to the U.S. to visit her relatives, but realizes that a monsters she's familiar with is living under the beds.  +

Mad and Persistent Realities
Genre: Drama

On a volunteer trip abroad a young black woman deals with racial tensions among a group of seemingly white progressives.  +

The Noble Half
Genre: Documentary

Three trans women in Pakistan build a thriving community running a canteen for an arts university, but face challenges when the canteen is shut down.  +

Visions in the Fire
Genre: Documentary

Urban Native American glass artist Preston Singletary redefines his identity and reconnects with his Alaskan roots while we parallel his rise in the world of art as the creative  +

The American Can
Genre: Drama

Based on the true story and set in aftermath of Hurricane Katrina,  a disillusioned Marine veteran, John Keller, must confront his inner demons to save people trapped in his  +

Genre: Documentary

When a group of far right Brazilian farmers take control over a protected area of the Amazon rainforest, a vigilante activist and Indigenous militia fight back in defense of the  +

Interested In, Season 2
Genre: Comedy

A coming of age web series about the steamy, fumbling sexual encounters of a recently out college student.  +

Genre: Documentary

Former ATF agent Jay “Jaybird” Dobyns infiltrated Hells Angels in “Operation Black Biscuit.” His lawsuit for ATF negligence is being appealed to the Supreme Court.  +

Break Cute
Genre: Comedy

BREAK CUTE is the anti-meet cute, based on the (kind of) true break up of a couple that’s (kind of) still in love.  +

Genre: Comedy

Intimates follows Roberta as she returns home to steal her high school girlfriend back from her brother.  +

Genre: Science Fiction

Bodegas is a sci-fi film, about sisters feuding over the future of their designer drug cartel, when a portal to an alternate universe is discovered.  +

Genre: Documentary

A chronicle of the private and public life of Valerie Sassyfras, a pop zydeco fixture in New Orleans.  +

The Thread
Genre: Documentary

A series of docu-shorts highlighting the successes, challenges, and supportive ecosystem of black creatives, innovators and entrepreneurs.  +

Charlie Bee Company
Genre: Documentary

A quirky beekeeper must safely remove and relocate bees before they terrorize communities or fall victim to extermination.  +

Genre: Drama

A premonition of an assasination leads an aging gay activist to warn the public; the backlash threatens to ruin him.  +

Robert Irwin: A Desert Of Pure Feeling
Genre: Documentary

Legendary iconoclast Robert Irwin pioneers the concept of ‘site specific’ art, emerging from decades of obscurity to become one of the most influential artists alive today.  +

Genre: Documentary

Weaving the narrative of Ezra's short lifetime with stories of survivors, the video depicts the disturbing and confounding epidemic of teen suicide.    +

Monuments to a Disappearance
Genre: Documentary

During WWII, thousands of Jewish refugees were imprisoned in Canadian concentration camps. Today, their story resonates with contemporary refugees living nearby the old camps.  +

Our Land
Genre: Documentary

The 640 million acres of America’s public land is the last commonly held asset on the planet, which puts them squarely in the crosshairs of the immensely powerful.  +

Genre: Documentary

Nine follows Gerald Hankerson, a formerly wrongfully incarcerated Black community leader as he works tirelessly to free the wrongfully convicted former cellmate who raised him.  +

Genre: Drama

After 16 years, Catherine and Daniel are reunited with their long lost daughter.  +

Before El Fina
Genre: Drama

A reclusive artist invites life-long friends to her isolated farm and reveals a shocking plan. Before the weekend ends, secrets are sacrificed forcing a devastating choice.  +

Choice Neighborhood (working title)
Genre: Documentary

Choice Neighborhood focuses on the dynamics that emerge between people as a city leverages significant public and private dollars to transform a struggling neighborhood.  +

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