The Sentence Impact Tour
Genre: Documentary

This intimate portrait of mandatory minimum drug sentencing's devastating consequences, captured by Cindy's brother, follows her and her family over the course of ten years.  +

How To Hypnotize America
Genre: Experimental

In 1973, James MacMillan founded Therapeutic Hypnosis Inc., ambitious to build an empire. When the company vanished, dozens of young hypnotherapists set out across the country, alone.  +

Genre: Documentary

Framed for murder by mafia cops Barry Gibbs was freed from prison after two decades only to discover that his real nightmare had just begun.  +

Sheep Cake
Genre: Comedy

A pun-loving sheep overcomes a broken heart by discovering a passion for baking cakes.  +

The Faces of Genocide
Genre: Documentary

After each genocide, humanity has exclaimed: “never again”. But time and time again, genocidal atrocities continue. “Never again” has become the world’s  +

Moj Brat aka My Brother
Genre: Drama

Julian seeks to escape Nazi-occupied Poland with his beloved, Dawid, in the summer of 1942. but an unforeseen complication will put both of their lives at stake.  +

Anonymous Sister
Genre: Documentary

When her mother and sister become chronically addicted to prescription opioids, Jamie Boyle begins a sweeping exploration of America's largest drug epidemic and what it means  +

Genre: Drama

On the night of a double murder, a mysterious patron of a roadside diner has a date with the Devil.  +

Genre: Documentary

You have heard of Big Foot and Loch Ness, but how about the tasmanian tiger? Or the coelacanth? Mothman? Meet the men and women who study these creatures or "cryptids" for  +

Untitled Erwin Hernandez Story
Genre: Documentary

An 18-year-old Guatemalan immigrant, who recently lost his leg in an accident, pursues graduating high school, applying to college and obtaining his Green Card.  +

HEROES (working title)
Genre: Documentary

HEROES is the untold and inspiring story of the decades-long passionate fight of a group of activists to save their 2,500-year-old African community.  +

The Surrogate
Genre: Drama

The results of a prenatal genetic test complicate the relationship between a surrogate/egg-donor and the couple for whom she’s carrying.  +

16 Acres - The Sequel
Genre: Documentary

The new World Trade Center is open, but the heartbreak, challenges, politics and controversy that marked the 16-year project are far from over.  +

Nourishing Japan
Genre: Documentary

A documentary about food education in Japan; about the people who teach us that our actions - even what we eat - matter.  +

Genre: Documentary

Beautiful things happen when two worlds come together.  +

Genre: Drama

When a gay male South Asian couple propositions their Indian-American actress best-friend to become their surrogate, their new arrangement creates more problems than it solves.  +

Blue Line
Genre: Documentary

“Blue Line” chronicles a town's controversial and divisive decision to paint a blue line in support of the police on one of their busiest streets.  +

Genre: Drama

An unlikely partnership is formed when an old school Northern California marijuana farmer and a young, undocumented Mexican worker team up to rob an ancient  +

A Diplomat of Consequence
Genre: Documentary

A forgotten hero.  A man who stood alone and was willing to risk everything to do the right thing.  +

Genre: Drama

When a privileged Mulatto slave learns her Master has sold her son to a notorious slave trader, she’s determined to escape during Kentucky’s Antebellum South, 1852.  +

Shelter Me
Genre: Drama

A young woman fleeing a domestic abuse situation becomes ensnared in a homicide investigation that threatens both herself and a young child she has befriended.  +

Limping Towards Babylon
Genre: Comedy

Five graduate student roommates are all secretly in love with the wrong person, until a professor's theft lights the fire that ignites their contained passions.  +

A Storybook Ending
Genre: Drama

A Storybook Ending unfolds through shifting time frames, exploring contemporary race relations experienced by multiple characters whose lives intersect thanks to a single, life-changing  +

Genre: Drama

A man has found a cure for a bizarre pandemic sweeping through his community afflicting those with strange symptoms and sleepless nights.  +

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