Beauford Delaney: So Splendid A Journey
Genre: Documentary

An Artist’s Life, From Tennessee to Paris, through Harlem. Paranoia, poverty, sexual conflicts, voices in his head, yet he was driven to create great art.  +

The Other Side
Genre: Drama

Tara finally decides to meet her son and his adoptive family for the first time, but is unprepared for the tensions arising around her sexual identity.  +

Untitled Marshall Curry Development Projects
Genre: Documentary

This fiscal sponsorship is for the development of a variety of documentary, fiction, and hybrid projects under the Marshall Curry Productions banner.  +

Sanctity of Space
Genre: Documentary

Lured by a black and white photograph, three renowned climbers pursue the ultimate adventure and show us why humans MUST explore.  +

Woman in the Mirror
Genre: Documentary

A graduate of the prestigious Vaganova Academy and a driven ballerina, toes her way from being a principal dancer of the Boston Ballet to leading a diverse group of ballet students,  +

To Sing, To Listen
Genre: Documentary

Holocaust survivor Guta Goldstein journeys back to Poland, taking with her songs that have sustained her, to perform them again 75 years after liberation.  +

Reconstructing Eve
Genre: Documentary

Seven high-profile crimes open the door to explore violence against women and the narratives that prevail in society and make change difficult to achieve.  +

Sugar And Spice
Genre: Drama

A fight breaks out between two young girls, redirecting both their lives forever.  +

Untitled Stasi
Genre: Documentary

East Germany built a surveillance state that weaponized citizens’ private data. Thirty years later, a victim of the secret police investigates his file and confronts those who betrayed him.  +

The Feels: Singles
Genre: Drama

An anthology series of honest, intimate depictions of everyday life, THE FEELS is an ode to our shared humanity.  +

Two Gods
Genre: Documentary

Two Gods is the story of a man in Newark who, after turning his life around, has found meaning and purpose in his Muslim faith and work as a mortician.  +

We Were Going to Start a Death Metal Band
Genre: Documentary

What is the space between life and death after addiction?What happens when a person wakes up after an overdose and doesn't go to rehab or continue their habit?  +

Genre: Documentary

The Road To My Vietnam is a new documentary series that takes us on a journey to unlock the untold stories to explore how the events of the Vietnam  +

Genre: Documentary

Peaceful African herders and well-meaning white conservationists are now embroiled in a bloody conflict for Laikipia, a Kenyan wildlife haven-- as global warming changes everything.  +

Hampas Dugo
Genre: Experimental

Set in the Philippines, three men undergo an annual Holy Week penance ceremony brutally emulating that of the Passion of The Christ.  +

Genre: Drama

An emotionally isolated 29-year-old woman pursues a relationship with a 17-year-old boy after he mistakes her for a fellow high school student.  +

Tromaville: A Celluloid Love Story (Working Title)
Genre: Documentary

Lloyd Kaufman (The Toxic Avenger) is an iconic b-movie director who has contributed a library of 800+ films to his genre. Fiercely independent, he thrives at  +

Still Working 9 to 5
Genre: Documentary

Still 9 to 5 explores what has changed for women over the last 40 years since the release of the hilarious workplace comedy 9 to 5.  +

The Long Walk of Carlos Guerrero
Genre: Drama

The odyssey of survival of an undocumented New York city chef and a Salvadoran migrant girl when they get stranded in the deserts of Arizona.  +

Genre: Comedy

On the day of her dad’s ash scattering, twenty-three-year old Nora redefines the classic stages of grief when she realizes that her family’s mourning process isn’t  +

Mildly Different
Genre: Drama

A young woman on the autism spectrum struggles with all around her until the kindness of one person changes her life.  +

For the Love of Monsters
Genre: Student Film

A soft-spoken Nigerian girl comes to the U.S. to visit her relatives, but realizes that a monsters she's familiar with is living under the beds.  +

Mad and Persistent Realities
Genre: Drama

On a volunteer trip abroad a young black woman deals with racial tensions among a group of seemingly white progressives.  +

The Noble Half
Genre: Documentary

Three trans women in Pakistan build a thriving community running a canteen for an arts university, but face challenges when the canteen is shut down.  +

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