Genre: Comedy

How many wrongs make everything right?  +

Thru: An Environmental History of the Appalachian Trail
Genre: Documentary

Thru: An Environmental History of the Appalachian Trail is a feature length documentary that explores the evolution of environmental thinking in America through the history  +

Time Bomb
Genre: Documentary

If history is proven by the voice of evidence, whose voice will speak the loudest?  +

Time to Play
Genre: Documentary

Time To Play tells the story of street performers who work specifically in New York City. We want to get a closer look at their lives, by examining who they are,  +

To Sing, To Listen
Genre: Documentary

Holocaust survivor Guta Goldstein journeys back to Poland, taking with her songs that have sustained her, to perform them again 75 years after liberation.  +

Genre: Comedy

A self-proclaimed ‘Project Princess’, Charity, who attends a prestigious NYC high school, befriends a drunken has-been vagabond, and learns comical life lessons about self-love.  +

Trans in Trumpland
Genre: Documentary

With unprecedented violence facing trans people today, a trans Iranian-American filmmaker embarks on a journey across America to discover what is like to navigate this political  +

Genre: Documentary

The story of Cuba’s first gay bar and the drag queens that helped change a nation.  +

Genre: Horror

Three teenage friends run away from their problems only to find much bigger ones when they must devise a plan to escape a sinister curse holding them inside a haunted house!  +

Traveling While Black
Genre: Documentary

TWB is a transmedia project exploring the often-harrowing landscapes African Americans traversed during the pre-civil rights era to highlight the urgent need to remember this past  +

Tromaville: A Celluloid Love Story (Working Title)
Genre: Documentary

Lloyd Kaufman (The Toxic Avenger) is an iconic b-movie director who has contributed a library of 800+ films to his genre. Fiercely independent, he thrives at  +

Tunde Wey: Hard To Swallow
Genre: Documentary

Despite chef Tunde Wey’s exceptional taste and undeniable grace, this documentary about food and politics may be… Hard To Swallow.  +

Genre: Documentary

“Turn” tells the stories of LGBTQs, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim, who are turned away by their faiths, and stories of religious leaders that make it their life’  +

Turner Falls
Genre: Drama

When a life insurance fraud investigator returns to his heroin-ravaged hometown in rural Massachusetts to investigate a rash of false policies, he finds himself ensnared in a deadly  +

Two Gods
Genre: Documentary

Two Gods is the story of a man in Newark who, after turning his life around, has found meaning and purpose in his Muslim faith and work as a mortician.  +

Umi -The Sea-
Genre: Drama

After a tsunami devastate Northern Japan, a spared fisherman learns how to dive to search for the remains of his missing wife but a freak diving accident forces him to reconcile the  +

Genre: Documentary

A portrait of Miles Davis and his only protege, Wallace Roney, told through the fifty year journey of the artist’s lost masterpiece, “Universe.”  +

Genre: Documentary

A groundbreaking point-of-view journey into a non-fluent speaker's world. 14 year old Emma challenges societal judgement surrounding autism... one keystroke at a time.  +

Untitled Carl Jung - Red Book Documentary Project
Genre: Documentary

The Red Book is a feature-length documentary journey through the visionary journal of Carl Jung, exploring its creation, art and impact.  +

Untitled Dinosaur Bone Film
Genre: Documentary

In wake of the dramatic 2013 court case "United States of America vs One Tyrannosaurus Bataar Skeleton," Dr. Bolor Minjin, one of Mongolia’s first female paleontologists  +

Untitled Erwin Hernandez Story
Genre: Documentary

An 18-year-old Guatemalan immigrant, who recently lost his leg in an accident, pursues graduating high school, applying to college and obtaining his Green Card.  +

Untitled Iranian-American Documentary
Genre: Documentary

Our documentary follows well-known Iranians in the US as they challenge harmful stereotypes in an age of war, travel bans and hostile discrimination.  +

Untitled Jamie Boyle Documentary
Genre: Documentary

An upcoming documentary project directed by Jamie Boyle and produced by Marilyn Ness.  +

Untitled Jefferson County Project
Genre: Documentary

As environmental regulations are loosened and billions in tax breaks given to manufacturers, a West Virginian community tries to stop construction of a polluting factory.  +

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