Nothing is Truer than Truth
Genre: Documentary

An A-list party boy on the continental circuit travels throughout Italy and Europe from his home base in Venice and becomes the worlds greatest writer.  +

In Search of Bengali Harlem
Genre: Documentary

.  +

Hand-held and from the Heart
Genre: Documentary

Handheld uses footage from Albert Maysles’ 60 year-long career in order to create a portrait of the cinematographer himself. His daughter Rebekah mines the archive  +

Half a Soulja (Urban Casualties)
Genre: Documentary

Byron Breeze, Jr., born without legs or complete hands, is determined to “be somebody” and in the process challenges society to see his wholeness and not just his  +

The Walls of Time
Genre: Documentary

No Log Line Provided

Going Blind
Genre: Documentary

Going Blind: Coming out of the Dark about Vision Loss skillfully tells stories of everyday people and their heroic efforts they make to live in today’s world with  +

Genre: Documentary

FALLOUT is a feature documentary film that explores what happens when housewives become activists and take on a multi-billion dollar company to shutdown the countries oldest  +

The Man Who Sold Suburbia, William J. Levitt…
Genre: Documentary

No Log Line Provided

Dear Anna Olson
Genre: Drama

Dear Anna Olson is a parable of how small, positive actions can have a profound impact on a person’s life.  +

At Your Cervix
Genre: Documentary

Inside U.S. medical schools specially trained women teach pelvic exams using their own bodies, but sometimes students learn by practicing on each other, or on anesthetized women  +

The Animation Project for the Story of Wally…
Genre: Comedy

 Wally, a genius painting artist cat, escapes from Monsieur Le Rangoo's L'Arte Schoole for the Upwardly Riche and Famous and survives a dangerous trek homeward to reunite  +

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