After Sherman
Genre: Documentary

After Sherman is a personal documentary of the murders of nine worshipers at Mother Emanuel AME Church in South Carolina and my father as the interim pastor.  +

Genre: Documentary

The insidious nature of post-traumatic stress, and the complex question of how it's healed, is explored through the personal journeys of three American combat veterans from  +

Genre: Drama

When a gay male South Asian couple propositions their Indian-American actress best-friend to become their surrogate, their new arrangement creates more problems than it solves.  +

All Governments Lie: Truth, Deception and the Children of I.F. Stone
Genre: Documentary

Independent journalists expose government lies and corporate deception, inspired by the legendary investigative journalist I.F. Stone.  +

Almost Sunrise
Genre: Documentary

ALMOST SUNRISE is the inspiring true story of two friends who embark on an epic journey to heal from their time in combat.  +

Amazing Berks: Traffic Opera
Genre: Experimental

Motorists stuck at a traffic light sing their way through a conflict.  +

American Artist Abroad
Genre: Documentary

A homeless American artist and forger tries to escape the shadows of his past and decides to start anew in the booming frontier town of the Art World: Beijing, China.  +

American Hasi
Genre: Documentary

Stand-up comedian Tushar Singh takes his raunchy jokes to India, where the emotional baggage and cultural confusion of his childhood punctuate a month-long comedy tour.  +

American Muslim
Genre: Documentary

As Muslims across the country are vilified by the President, the filmmaker explores how Muslims in NYC are coping in this new social landscape.  +

Among Mountain Crags
Genre: Drama

A young woman flees her oppressive small town with a handsome stranger, but as they travel deeper into the untamed beauty of the Appalachian mountains, her hope for a new future  +

Among the Heathens
Genre: Documentary

 tbd  +

An Infinite Number
Genre: Documentary

An Infinite Number is an animated short film about the extinction of a bird.  +

An Unfinished Song
Genre: Documentary

Concerned with music, collective memory, and the shelf life of justice, this film is both a meditation on the soul of the Nueva Cancíon folk movement of 1960s Chile and  +

An Unruly Faith
Genre: Documentary

A young, devout activist challenges the male hierarchy of the Mormon Church by invigorating a movement to ordain women to the priesthood, and upon being exiled as a heretic, rocks  +

Anonymous Sister
Genre: Documentary

When her mother and sister become chronically addicted to prescription opioids, Jamie Boyle begins a sweeping exploration of America's largest drug epidemic and what it means  +

Genre: Documentary

Arête is a story about Mr. Taylor, the winningest  high school track coach in California, and his teaching philosophy, Arête, which means physical and intellectual  +

Art In The Shadows
Genre: Documentary

A portrait of an eccentric amateur art collector, this is an investigation into art, obsession and the thin line that divides fake from real.  +

Art of War
Genre: Documentary

Art of War is a documentary series explores the light and shadow surrounding some of the world’s most dramatic art inspired by mankind’s darkest days- wars.  +

Artemis and the Astronaut
Genre: Drama

Artemis & the Astronaut is about Artemis and Henri and about having to have enough love and memory for two.  +

As If Tomorrow
Genre: Drama

After the death of his dad, a high school student sees in his final Philosophy essay a way to teach his peers a life lesson that he himself is about to learn.  +

At Your Cervix
Genre: Documentary

Inside U.S. medical schools specially trained women teach pelvic exams using their own bodies, but sometimes students learn by practicing on each other, or on anesthetized women  +

Baby Lu
Genre: Drama

A forbidden crush forces thirteen year old Lucinda and her mountain man father to confront her developing sexuality in a small town in Northern New Mexico.    +

Genre: Documentary

The upcoming documentary BACKLASH (aka Turn) examines the heartbreaking journey that many gays endure when their parents turn away from them in the name of God. Many conservative  +

Bad Things
Genre: Drama

When her teenage sister gets suspended, an 8-year-old girl on scholarship at an elite private school starts to doubt that hard work is all it takes to get ahead.  +

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