Summer with Roxanne
Genre: Documentary

Roxanne is an aging, outrageous Austinite. As she packs up her longtime home for the last time, she and visiting Indian filmmaker Nishtha unpack an American life and contemplate  +

Mildly Different
Genre: Drama

A young woman on the autism spectrum struggles with all around her until the kindness of one person changes her life.  +

For the Love of Monsters
Genre: Student Film

A soft-spoken Nigerian girl comes to the U.S. to visit her relatives, but realizes that a monsters she's familiar with is living under the beds.  +

Mad and Persistent Realities
Genre: Drama

On a volunteer trip abroad a young black woman deals with racial tensions among a group of seemingly white progressives.  +

The Noble Half
Genre: Documentary

Three trans women in Pakistan build a thriving community running a canteen for an arts university, but face challenges when the canteen is shut down.  +

Visions in the Fire
Genre: Documentary

Urban Native American glass artist Preston Singletary redefines his identity and reconnects with his Alaskan roots while we parallel his rise in the world of art as the creative  +

The American Can
Genre: Drama

Based on the true story and set in aftermath of Hurricane Katrina,  a disillusioned Marine veteran, John Keller, must confront his inner demons to save people trapped in his  +

Genre: Documentary

When a group of populist Brazilian farmers take control over a new area of the Amazon rainforest, a conflict erupts at the forest's edge.  +

Interested In, Season 2
Genre: Comedy

A coming of age web series about the steamy, fumbling sexual encounters of a recently out college student.  +

Break Cute
Genre: Comedy

BREAK CUTE is the anti-meet cute, based on the (kind of) true break up of a couple that’s (kind of) still in love.  +

Genre: Comedy

Intimates follows Roberta as she returns home to steal her high school girlfriend back from her brother.  +

Fair Haven
Genre: Comedy

A burnt out hardcore vocalist returns to his small, suburban, New Jersey hometown in the wake of his father's death and finds out the small town life might be the dream he was after  +

Genre: Science Fiction

Bodegas is a sci-fi film, about sisters feuding over the future of their designer drug cartel, when a portal to an alternate universe is discovered.  +

Genre: Documentary

A chronicle of the private and public life of Valerie Sassyfras, a pop zydeco fixture in New Orleans.  +

Genre: Comedy

Jai the cumin, Leo the salt, and Q the pepper say goodbye to North Carolina to add to the cultural melting pot that is NYC!  +

The Thread
Genre: Documentary

A series of docu-shorts highlighting the successes, challenges, and supportive ecosystem of black creatives, innovators and entrepreneurs.  +

Charlie Bee Company
Genre: Documentary

A quirky beekeeper must safely remove and relocate bees before they terrorize communities or fall victim to extermination.  +

Genre: Drama

A premonition of an assasination leads an aging gay activist to warn the public; the backlash threatens to ruin him.  +

Robert Irwin: A Desert Of Pure Feeling
Genre: Documentary

Legendary iconoclast Robert Irwin pioneers the concept of ‘site specific’ art, emerging from decades of obscurity to become one of the most influential artists alive today.  +

Genre: Documentary

Weaving the narrative of Ezra's short lifetime with stories of survivors, the video depicts the disturbing and confounding epidemic of teen suicide.   +

Monuments to a Disappearance
Genre: Documentary

During WWII, thousands of Jewish refugees were imprisoned in Canadian concentration camps. Today, their story resonates with contemporary refugees living nearby the old camps.  +

Our Land
Genre: Documentary

The 640 million acres of America’s public land is the last commonly held asset on the planet, which puts them squarely in the crosshairs of the immensely powerful.  +

Genre: Documentary

Nine follows Gerald Hankerson, a formerly wrongfully incarcerated Black community leader as he works tirelessly to free the wrongfully convicted former cellmate who raised him.  +

Genre: Drama

After 16 years, Catherine and Daniel are reunited with their long lost daughter.  +

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