Disturbing School
Genre: Documentary

After two South Carolina teenage girls are arrested by a popular police officer in their high school classroom, controversial cell-phone videos of the incident go viral. Pandora's  +

Do Not Lie With A Man
Genre: Documentary

A filmmaker returns home in search of fellow Russian Orthodox Christians following their faith while embracing their sexuality despite the homophobia of the Church and community.  +

Don't Forget To Remember
Genre: Science Fiction

After a mysterious event gives the world fatal insomnia, one young woman must traverse an alternate dimension to give mankind a chance at survival.  +

Dream Touch Believe
Genre: Documentary

The inspiring story of sculptor Michael Naranjo. As a young man Naranjo lost his eyesight in the Vietnam War, but not his vision. He fought past critics and a disability to achieve  +

Dreams in the Witch House
Genre: Horror

A real estate appraiser tries to prove if a house is haunted but instead traps herself where nightmares and reality become one and the same.  +

Dust Nuggets
Genre: Drama

Every story has two sides.  +

Dusty & Stones
Genre: Documentary

Dusty & Stones struggle to sustain a country music career in their tiny African kingdom of Swaziland and yearn for success in the United States. When a Nashville producer and  +

El Sistema USA
Genre: Documentary

El Sistema USA is a feature documentary that is tracking a handful of kids in a diverse, impoverished community in West Philadelphia as they participate in Play On, Philly, a classical  +

Genre: Drama

After 16 years, Catherine and Daniel are reunited with their long lost daughter.  +

End of the Line
Genre: Documentary

END OF THE LINE is a feature-length documentary about the New York City subway crisis and the dire state of America's transit infrastructure. Grounded in  +

Genre: Drama

A fated mistake leads to a fleeting, chance encounter between a traveler and a reclusive New Yorker. When life takes them in opposite directions, each carries the significance of  +

Genre: Documentary

Weaving the narrative of Ezra's short lifetime with stories of survivors, the video depicts the disturbing and confounding epidemic of teen suicide.   +

Fair Haven
Genre: Comedy

A burnt out hardcore vocalist returns to his small, suburban, New Jersey hometown in the wake of his father's death and finds out the small town life might be the dream he was after  +

Genre: Documentary

FALLOUT is a feature documentary film that explores what happens when housewives become activists and take on a multi-billion dollar company to shutdown the countries oldest  +

Genre: Documentary

Every Body Deserves Respect! A feature-length documentary that exposes how popular culture fosters fat prejudice and then offers an alternative way of thinking.    +

Genre: Drama

When three unexpected guests arrive at Mia's house party, she watches her vision for inclusivity crumble, caught in the crossfire of ignorance under the influence.  +

Genre: Documentary

 tbd  +

For the Love of Monsters
Genre: Student Film

A soft-spoken Nigerian girl comes to the U.S. to visit her relatives, but realizes that a monsters she's familiar with is living under the beds.  +

Forgotten Champions
Genre: Documentary

“Forgotten Champions” is the story of the 1981-1982 Rutgers Lady Knights basketball team which shocked the University of Texas Longhorns to win the final AIAW championship.


Forty Dollars A Pop
Genre: Documentary

A documentary following a sperm donor who finds a family with his donor children, and falls in love with one of their moms.  +

Foster Care Film & Community Engagement Project (FCFCEP)
Genre: Documentary

Foster Care Film & Community Engagement Project tells the true-to-life stories of foster youth to create greater understanding of the child welfare system.  +

God on the Street
Genre: Documentary

God on the Street is an unconventional love story about how a broken heart leads to a spiritual awakening.  +

Genre: Drama

A Mississippi high school senior with a vivid imagination fantasizes how living in America would be if slavery never existed.  +

Genre: Drama

An unlikely partnership is formed when an old school Northern California marijuana farmer and a young, undocumented Mexican worker team up to rob an ancient  +

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