Medea, South Carolina

: Narrative Feature
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Pre-Production


A troubled young mother seeks an impossible justice.


A troubled, single young mother seeks an impossible justice against her former lover who has betrayed her and now seeks political office. Inspired by the play MEDEA by Euripides.


MEDEA, SOUTH CAROLINA is conceived as a modern adaptation of the classic Greek tragedy MEDEA by Euripides. The general vision behind the film is to provide social commentary regarding the current state of American culture and society within the context of an entertaining suspense drama. Much like the film HELL OR HIGH WATER, this film deals with the economic realities of the ‘haves and have nots’ in modern American society that often transcend notions of conservative vs. liberal, north vs. south, blue vs. red, racial divides, and so on. The film explores the tensions between the economically underprivileged and the elites that seem – at least to many – to control the levers of power in the United States. These tensions are certainly reflected in our current politics, not only in the United States but in the world. Much as the classical Greek dramatists sought to mediate social realities and tensions within their democratic society, so this film attempts to bring similar realities to light, without necessarily casting judgment on right or wrong. Rather, it is in the poetic, ironic, tragic and manifestly human that the film finds its voice. The goal, ideally, is as described in Aristotle’s Poetics: that of catharsis. -- Don Thompson, Producer/Writer


Don Thompson - Producer/Writer

Since 2001, Don Thompson has been producing, co-producing, and co-funding documentaries, narrative features, and theater. Film projects Don has been affiliated with have won awards and special recognition at dozens of film festivals, including Sundance, Montreal, Toronto, Berlin, Hot Docs, and Cinema for Peace. His company website is

Daniel Wyland - Director

Daniel Wyland was born and raised in Romania and has lived in United States since 2001. Thanks to his father’s career in film distribution, Daniel was exposed to filmmaking at an early age, becoming immersed in many different styles and genres of films. Daniel's sensitive but rugged short film 'lastwinter' won several awards on the festival circuit, including a Remi award at the Houston Worldfest. As an actor, Daniel's film 'Condemned' also won him wide festival attention and accolades. When it comes to his career in film, Daniel believes "There's no plan B". A teaser for 'lastwinter' can be found here:


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IFP Fiscal Sponsorship Program 2018
Los Angeles CineFest, 2017
Emerging Screenwriters, Top 100
International Screenwriters' Association FAST TRACK Fellowship TOP 50
Official Finalist, New York Screenplay Contest, 2017
REMI Award Winner, Houston Worldfest International Film Festival, 2018


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