Everything Burns

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: Documentary Feature
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Pre-Production


Here in an instance; Gone with a spark; May this city help form our hearts


A Crew of young film makes yup head first into a life-altering experience, with the hope of capturing on film, a city that has somehow found community in a temporary city in the desert.

Update: Our film is currently under redevelopment, rest assured this film will still happen thanks to your funding.


My art is all about sharing ideas. Ideas come in many forms, but my favorite is the kinds we get from great stories. Stories that make you think. Stories that motivate you or challenge the way you think. I love creating stories that do that for others because the art of film can evoke change. That is what my art is, ideas of change on film.


Nichole Lane - Director and Co-producer

Nichole has worked behind the scenes in Indie films doing FX Make-up and other behind the scenes work for over five years. She has held nearly every behind the scenes job you can have. This film will be her first film as a director.

Michael Mason - Cinematographer

Michael has been a cinematographer for 14 years and has filmed 3 feature length Indie films, one mini series and over 10 short subject pieces.. He is very passionate about film making and is the ideal man for such an artistically unique location.

Monic Andrea Torres - Producer, Writer, Editor

I've been writing emotionally gripping stories for over 15 years. I've always loved making films. My experience includes working on student film projects. This film project is a product of my own making.


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