As If Tomorrow

: Narrative Short
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Pre-Production


After the death of his dad, a high school student sees in his final Philosophy essay a way to teach his peers a life lesson that he himself is about to learn.


After losing his bomb squad dad in a war, Jesse realizes that life, like a bomb, is ticking. And through a Philosophy essay-presentation he sees the opportunity to teach his peers the same lesson creating awareness for life itself by radical means.


In today’s world we live for most of part in an illusion of reality. An illusion of “immortality”.
Illusion of choices and freedom. This movie comes to create awareness to life itself and to our way of living it. Like the fish in the film, we refuse to acknowledge what is right in front of us, and we create an illusionary reality based on our past and on our expectations of the future, ignoring the only moment which really matters, NOW.
Jesse is the messenger of this idea, but even he doesn’t fully comprehend the depth of this concept. As Kubrick once said, “If you can talk brilliantly about a problem, it can create the consoling illusion that it has been mastered.” But our character's graduation comes with the lesson that he wants to teach others.


Raquel Bordin - Writer, Director, Editor
Raquel Bordin is a Brazilian Director and Editor based in Los Angeles, California. Her first short film TipToe won six awards and a selection to Cannes Film Festival on 2015. ?Since then Raquel has been working as an editor for UFC on FOX Sports, cutting TV shows and web series; Also, cutting branding content for Warner Brothers’s films such as Justice League, Ninjago and IT; as well as feature films for Marvista and short content for Buzzfeed, Seriously TV and more.? Growing up in a third world country Raquel has a different way of viewing the world and appreciates good and meaningful storytelling using of her self-taught acknowledge of Psychology to approach artistically and efficiently to ever element on screen.

Candace Balido - Producer
Candace Balido is a Los Angeles born filmmaker that got her start in front of the camera. She received a scholarship for theater at the prestigious Lee Strasberg. However, during the course of her education she learned that she had a passion for producing. After this discovery, she immediately left the theater and began pursuing work in productions. Since then, she has worked on countless Films, TV and multiple digital platform as an Assistant Director and UPM, such as : XOXO; Mark Ruffalo’s Anything; Hulu shows Door No 1 (VR) and Freakish; Warner Brother’s I Love Bekka & Lucy, Bruce Dern’s Mustang and more.


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