: Narrative Short
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Pre-Production


A man has found a cure for a bizarre pandemic sweeping through his community afflicting those with strange symptoms and sleepless nights.


A community has become afflicted by a bizarre dancing pandemic. It seems that those infected are doomed to dance helplessly and unwontedly without hope of relief for the rest of their lives. That is until… one man has found a cure from an unlikely source.


I grew up in a home that had a revolving door, figuratively speaking. We always had people coming in and out- friends, family, acquaintances. Everyone was welcome, and more importantly: everyone was welcome to eat. These two facets of my upbringing often find their ways into the stories I like to tell. The warmth of good company, the safety of a harboring home, and the peace food brings to the soul. These are experiences and emotions I think everyone can relate to. With Cured, I am eager to tell a genre-blending whimsical story about a group of people that are searching for those three things. Those infected with the dancing plague are searching for someplace that can offer them protection with people they trust, and hopefully a cure (which of course, is in the food). As a director, I’m excited to tell this story because it will allow me to create extremely interesting visuals; placing dancing bodies around all around the frame, heightening nonverbal queues between characters, and finding moments of levity when all the characters are dead serious. These are the unique challenges to this film that I'm eager to tackle. I love finding those moments where the story is seemingly breathing on its own and is not being noticeably pushed by a director or cast member. Ultimately, this story is a fun exploration of what you or I would do if we were thrust into the more bizarre of circumstances. More still, it’s a charming fable that speaks truth to my experiences as a writer and a person, often suggesting to the audience that I’m ready to offer refuge in the form of- what is hopefully- good story.


Gabriel Villanueva - Director/Writer
Gabriel is trapped in the 80’s. He listens to Styx way too much. More importantly, Gabriel has been directing films, commercials, and branded videos since graduating from film school in 2009. He has created and directed ads and short films for clients like: Land Rover, Gillette, Nordstrom, Dell Computers, Hormel, and many more. Most notably, Gabriel brings a signature expression of magical realism to the stories he tells. He likes finding the weird stories in the world that make you wonder, make you curious, and inspire you. His passion for telling imaginative stories and his dogged need to make the weird, relatable is what makes Gabriel an exciting storyteller. He also high-fives Shaq at a Benihana once.

Mara Tasker - Producer
Mara is the sharpest tool in this shed. A Los Angeles based producer, her background in filmmaking began at WME talent agency where she was part of the Independent film financing and distribution team. She later joined companies like VICE Media, Material Pictures, Seed&Spark and Conde Nast Entertainment. Mara’s specializes in short form and digital content. She’s produced and directed countless videos for high-level brands including WIRED Magazine, Vogue, VICE, Motherboard, Broadly and Crypt TV. Her work has gone on to win multiple Webby Awards, Best Film and Best Actress awards at the Los Angeles and Hollywood Underground Film festivals and has played to large global audiences online. We could go on and on about her, but you get it.

Lowell Meyer - Cinematographer
Lowell is the guy you want behind the camera and he looks great in a two-stone sweater vest. Lowell has a keen eye for expressive lighting and clear tone. He commands photons better than any Captain of the Enterprise has ever done. Yes, that was a science joke and a Star Trek joke in once sentence. More importantly: Lowell has been killing it lately, shooting films that have won awards at Sundance, SXSW, and AFI Fest. The dude is crazy talented and we are lucky to have him.


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