: Narrative Short
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Post-Production


When a gay male South Asian couple propositions their Indian-American actress best-friend to become their surrogate, their new arrangement creates more problems than it solves.


Finance guy Saif and grad student Kartik are NY-based boyfriends who decide to proposition Kartik’s best friend Anjali, a down-on-her-luck actress, to become their surrogate. The proposal sets off a series of surprising events that test their relationships, putting into question the viability of their plan to form a non-traditional family.


My inspiration for writing Agency is my community. Many of my lesbian couple friends have had children using sperm donors. Many of my gay male friends have had children through surrogates. Some queer couple friends have adopted children of races different from their own, others have created arrangements to have and raise children together without being sexual partners. The family unit as we know it has transformed, especially in cosmopolitan centers like New York where inter-cultural, non-heterosexual parenting has gone mainstream. And yet, mainstream media has yet to catch up. Agency explores the boundaries of friendship and fidelity between a gay male couple and their single female friend whom they proposition to become their surrogate. When the rules are no longer prescribed, every parameter is open for negotiation.


Omar Rahim - Writer/Director/Producer

Omar has worked in media and the performing arts in the US and South Asia for twenty years since graduating with honors from Wesleyan University. An alumnus of MacArthur-award-winning post-modern dance theatre company Susan Marshall & Company, he has performed at international venues including BAM, the Edinburgh Festival, the Joyce Theatre and Jacobs Pillow. His choreography has been seen on stage and screen globally including Sesame Workshop's revival of the Electric Company, primetime television in Pakistan and Performing Arts festivals globally (Engendered, New York, Sindh Art Festival, Karachi, Pakistan.) Omar has acted on screen on network television shows in the US (Person of Interest), commercial Hollywood films such as the Guru, (Universal Pictures), primetime drama serials in Pakistan (Neeyat), and played a lead role in Meherjaan, an award-winning Bangladeshi independent film set in the prelude of the 1971 war that created Bangladesh. Omar has also worked as a social entrepreneur (Soof Designs), promoting the indigenous craft traditions of Pakistani women in the international design market. His work as a global leader has been recognized by the Asia Society in New York, earning him a place in their Asia 21 global leadership development program. Omar has been writing for screen for six years and has completed the script for Maati, a full-length feature film set in Pakistan, that is currently in the early stages of development. Agency, set in the intersection of the South Asian and queer communities, is his first short film.

Karishma Dube - Co-Producer

Karishma Dev Dube is an Indian filmmaker based in New York. She was introduced to film while working as a production assistant on several documentaries and independent features in Mumbai, including TED fellow Shalini Kantayya’s documentary Chasing the Sun. A recipient of the Dean’s fellowship, Karishma is currently a thesis MFA student at the Graduate Film Program at NYU. Her recent short film Devi (Goddess) has been shown at a number of festivals around the world including the Short Shorts film festival in Japan and Edinburgh International Film Festival. Karishma intends to continue making films that challenge cultural assumptions, both about and within her country.


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