Sheep Cake

: Narrative Short
GENRE: Comedy
STATUS: Pre-Production


A pun-loving sheep overcomes a broken heart by discovering a passion for baking cakes.


In this musical comedy a-pun loving sheep has his heart broken by his girlfriend on a big date right before he is able to confess his love. The only thing that pulls him out of his Netflix binging blanket cocoon is a sudden inspiration to start baking cakes.


Imagine the love of your life leaves you. How did you mend your broken heart? Was it a person or a passion? Sheep Show is the feel good musical comedy that will show people happiness can be found in the least expected places. In this highly heated political time we are living in, audiences are becoming fatigued by all of the hate fueled content. We are seeing a push towards relatable content that fills audiences with happiness and optimism. Sheep Cake will be the heart warming and inspirational film audiences are craving to satisfy their sweet tooth. Our film will show the better side of humanity.


David Bizzaro - Director/Writer

David Bizzaro is a first generation Latin American Director and Puppeteer based in NYC. At age 16 he started as a camera operator for a small production company based in Oklahoma. He now has almost two decades of film and videography experience, including four years of work on music videos, concert backing videos, and eclectic fan merchandise for three time Grammy Award winning band, the Flaming Lips. Recently, he wrote and co-produced The Pits—a puppet-based award winning short film about an avocado finding its other half. As of today, it has played in over 22 film festivals (and counting!) around the world. David is also a freelance builder and puppet wrangler for The Jim Henson Company and Sesame Street. David was just awarded a 2018 Made In NY Fellowship where he will be developing his next puppetry based film over the next year.

Cassandra Bizzaro - Producer

Cassandra Bizzaro is a producer living and working in NYC, hailing from the prairie (or Tulsa) of Oklahoma. She produced the documentary short Women Behind Bars about the incarceration of Oklahoma women, as well as the feature film 1 in 3 about the issue of domestic violence. She has over 10 years of experience working in new media in higher education. She loves working with kind people who have big dreams


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