: Documentary Feature
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Post-Production


Framed for murder by mafia cops Barry Gibbs was freed from prison after two decades only to discover that his real nightmare had just begun.


A brutally honest portrait of life after wrongful conviction, this film follows Barry Gibbs' larger than life character caught in the worst case of NYPD corruption. Beginning where all wrongful conviction stories end, Barry’s story is about trauma and healing as he embarks on a journey to become whole again, only to find the loss of freedom can never be undone.


With all the fear and distrust implicit in wrongful conviction stories, and especially in a police corruption case like Barry’s, few are allowed to truly get close. But one person Barry let in was his Innocence Project attorney, Vanessa Potkin, who rescued him from his wrongful incarceration. Vanessa is my sister, and how I too came to know and love Barry, a charming but gritty character whose humor and strength carried him through an unimaginable time in prison, and a devastating reality afterwards. Barry’s Kafkaesque story of vigilante cops, and unjust decades behind bars immediately had me hooked, but it was the struggle of life after prison that captivated me. Being connected to the work that my sister and the Innocence Project were doing, I thought a documentary that truly illustrated the devastation of life AFTER wrongful incarceration could have a major impact.  By creating a verite film, which does not rely on traditional interview, and cinematically places the audience inside Barry’s experience, I want to provide the experience of walking in Barry’s shoes, with the hopes of eliciting maximum empathy, and to use that post-viewing inspiration towards action. I want people to watch this film, and understand that when we wrongfully incarcerate a person it changes their life forever. I want this film to be an instrument for change - helping to support efforts of organizations like The Innocence Project in making monetary compensation mandatory for each year in prison, and to provide immediate services to exonorees for basic necessities. 


Zoe Potkin - Director / Producer

ZOE POTKIN is a New York based filmmaker, 2019 New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) Individual Artists grant recipient, and 2018 Fellow in Kickstarter’s Creators in Residence program. She’s worked for years as a Producer of documentary series and films, commercials and branded content for companies like Radical Media, Pulse Films, VICE, and Yahoo! and is making her first feature documentary produced by Park Pictures. The most recent short doc she produced “All Good Things” premiered at BAM CinemaFest. Previously, she produced the feature doc “Faultlines” for Redbull TV, and the doc series, “Twiz and Tuck” for Viceland. She graduated from New York University in 2010 with a BA in Documentary Film and Journalism.

Kate Barry - Executive Producer

KATE BARRY is a film and TV Producer. Most recently she was the Supervising Producer on Michael Moore’s upcoming film “Fahrenheit 11/9” and in development on “The Shamrocks” a scripted series she created with Chris Sharp. She produced the Sundance, Ford and Impact Partners supported documentary feature “The Pearl” directed by Jessica Dimmock and Christopher LaMarca (2018). She is former VP of Production, TV and Branded Content for Pulse Films. She was a Line Producer for The National Geographic Channel, overseeing global productions including Emmy nominated series “Cosmos”, “Brain Games,” and “StarTalk.” Her work for HBO includes the Emmy nominated series “The Weight of the Nation,” Rebecca Cammisa’s “Atomic Homefront,” and “Words that Built America.” She consults for multiple production companies including Jigsaw Productions, Refinery29, and Moxie Firecracker. 


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