Dust Nuggets

: Narrative Feature
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Development


KK is in a coma dreaming of the Dust Nuggets. Will she ever wake up?


Dust Nuggets is the story of KK Kolson, manager of a band called the Dust Nuggets. She takes the band from the garage to the stadium and while doing so acquires a nasty drug habit that ultimately leads her to an overdose and a coma.


The Dust Nuggets project continues the work from the Amazing Berks team (Andrew Pochan and Sue Lange). As with previous projects — including the IFP fiscally sponsored Traffic Opera — the team is pushing itself into new territory. Inspired by symbolically-rich storytelling styles, we are playing with perceptions of reality and experimenting with time. While the story is told by someone in a dream state, flashes of reality are interspersed. This is not intended to baffle the audience, but to illuminate the way people live in denial or otherwise fool themselves into believing what is not necessarily true about events in their lives.

We perceive other things about ourselves that might or might not be true. Events in our lives become distorted when we enter a dream state. Also the meanings of the events are changed or exaggerated. This is especially true when dealing with a trauma. We change the story leading up to the tragedy. Subconsciously we are telling ourselves how things would have been different if only, if only...

The work of Christopher Nolan influences our work in Dust Nuggets. Nolan uses a backward telling style in "Memento" to inform the viewer about what it must feel like to suffer the character’s malady: the lack of short-term memory.

We choose this somewhat difficult method of storytelling not to confuse people. We want the audience to understand what is going on. They have to work a little though, because we want them to feel the character's experience in a Christopher Nolan way.

In Dust Nuggets, we continue to experiment with ways of shooting. As with Traffic Opera, we recorded the sound track for the Dust Nuggets pilot ahead of time, forcing the actors to repeat their lines exactly as recorded. In this segment, however, we did not cut during the shooting. The actors were forced to work without error.

We plan to continue trying new things, new methods of story-telling. We want to work with more difficult themes, explore the human experience. It is easy to talk about what a dream-state feels like, it’s much more difficult to make the audience feel it. We have to use our own experiences, and make the assumption that others’ experiences are akin to ours so that they will understand and see what we’re doing. We don’t want to frighten or be pretentious, we just want people to feel. Not just be entertained, but be moved as well.


Sue Lange - Writer/Producer

Sue Lange, producer/writer, began in filmmaking as an intern with Tracy Schott of Schott productions doing commercial work. Her first producing credit was a trailer for the ReadingFilmFEST created specifically for and screened in local theaters. Prior to that she produced three CDs of her own music with the band, Crabby Lady. She has worked for twenty years in print production as the online digital products manager for the Communications Society of IEEE. She released her first short film, A Perfect You, in early 2016. From there she continues to build her team of actors and crew personnel with the Amazing Berks web series co-created with Andrew Pochan. She is the resident playwright for Reading Theater Project.

Andrew Pochan - Director/Editor

Andrew Pochan, director/writer, studied filmmaking at Robert Morris University. He graduated with a BFA in 2011. Following that he studied abroad in Finland and Dubai, UAE with Abbas Kiarostami. He has worked on horror features Don't Look and The Harvesting, as well as shorts Traffic Opera, A Perfect You and American Standard. He is co-creator and director of the Amazing Berks web series. He has worked in television local news stations, and with QVC. Stage credits include set design with Reading Theater Project’s staging of Speakeasy, Marriage Expo, Snow Sin and Trash, Importance of Being Earnest, and Dead of Winter; and also with Yocum Institute’s The Bear Prince Jazz opera and Metamorphosis Acting Company’s Beethoven Revealed. He has acted in Marriage Expo and the Quick and Dirty Improv group with Reading Theater Project.

Chris Heslop - Composer

Chris Heslop, composer, graduated with honors from Temple University in Philadelphia, where he studied saxophone with Larry McKenna and arranging/composition with Dr. John Valerio, Dennis DiBlasio and Dr. Paul Miller. He is an alumnus of the BMI Jazz Composers' Workshop in New York City under the direction of Grammy winners Jim McNeely and Michael Abene. He is active as a performer and educator for the Berks Jazz Festival. He has arranged and/or composed for the Reading Pops Orchestra, Dave Stahl Big Band, Rob Stoneback Big Band with Bill Watrous, Gerald Veasley and HeadsUp Superband, CTA with Danny Seraphine, BMI/NY Jazz Orchestra, Kutztown University Jazz Studies, Ringgold Band, and Dave Kline among others. He has composed five shows for the Yocum Institute for Arts Education's Primary Stages Theatre as part of their Jazz For Kids! series and several shows for the Reading Theater Project, including two operas. Currently, Chris teaches composition at the Yocum Institute for Arts Education in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania and leads several unique ensembles.


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