: Narrative Short
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Pre-Production


When three unexpected guests arrive at Mia's house party, she watches her vision for inclusivity crumble, caught in the crossfire of ignorance under the influence.


Flunkyball follows the POV of Mia, the host of a garden party in Vienna who welcomes in three refugees in the spirit of inclusion and leftist positivity. As the night progresses, she watches her vision for inclusion disintegrate at the hands of larger cultural problems.


Flunkyball argues that good intentions do not always result in positive outcomes. Illustrating misunderstandings and misinterpretations across racial lines, Flunkyball challenges the perspective of inclusivity when this is valued above and before awareness, tolerance, and knowledge.

As a white woman, I do my best to constantly check my privilege and my sometimes flawed perspective of events. I think privileged people often see an approximation of suffering that they have never experienced themselves, creating a disconnect. Only seeing an approximation leaves less room for the complexity and dimensions of the human spirit — flattening those who are suffering and minimizing their humanity. Flunkyball is a commentary on the "white hero complex" and is an allegory for interalized racism and language, while also investigating the relationship between sexism and racism, which are mutually dependent. 

I want this film to not only resonate with people because it tackles racial stereotypes, but also unearth discomfort and leave viewers re-evaluating their own perspectives. Subtle biases and prejudices can lead to tragic results. In this way, internalized racism and microaggressions can prove just as dangerous, if not more, than explicit racism.  It is my goal to explore how these subtle prejudices shape the way a society treats its minority members.


Lisa Maier - Associate Producer, Lead Actress

Lisa is direct / actor / arts manager who recently completed her B.A. at University of Vienna in Theatre, Film & Media studies and English & American Studies. Lisa is the founder and CEO of her company, Wiener Spielwut, which received official registration in Vienna in summer 2018. Lisa has directed various theatre projects with her company, including Regained Paradise Lost, Bel Ami, and Concerning Mars, which was part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Lisa has worked on various independent films in Vienna such as Philomena (2016) and Stark im Kommen (2017 TV Show Pilot). Lisa will begin graduate school this fall 2019 to get her M.A. in arts administration and directing.

Edan Laniado - Producer, Outreach

2015 graduate of Muhlenberg College, Edan studied theatre and film at Muhlenberg College receiving his degree in film studies and completing his first web series during his final year at university. Edan studied film at FAMU in Prague during this third year of college, working on various independent films as an actor, director, and AD. His original music can be heard in the short film Bratri which won Best Drama at UCLA's CEC Short Takes Film Festival. In 2012, Edan was selected as best actor in the original play, Fast which brought him to The Kennedy Center for a national acting competition. Edan is originally from Israel, moving back to Tel Aviv upon completion of BA. Having recently moved back to NYC from Israel, Edan is working as a Senior Sales Development Associate at Justworks, the second fastest growing tech comany in North America.

David Siciliano - DP

David is a NYC-based freelance filmmaker and has worked on national commercials with VaynerMedia for brands such as Budweiser, Gatorade, XBox, Quaker, Mountain Dew, and others. David works primarily as an editor / DP, but has extensive experience line producing, post producing, and directing. David’s work has been seen on US national television during the 2017 World Series and other major sports games. David is a 2013 cum laude graduate of Syracuse University where he received his BFA in Acting. David won various awards throughout his four years at university -- including Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Production. Upon graduation, David founded the NYC based non-profit film and theatre company, RADD Productions, which focuses on the simple and sustainable production of artist-based projects. David is currently working at the entertainment company and global network, Fullscreen Media. www.davidsiciliano.com

Tess Forestieri - Director, Writer

Tess is a NYC-based freelance filmmaker with a background in various forms of media and video content. Primarily a director / producer, Tess has extensive experience as an assistant director, production manager, and production coordinator. Tess is a 2015 summa cum laude Muhlenberg College grad, where she double majored in Directing and Media & Communications. Tess was awarded the James D. Schneider Award for Social Justice & The Susan E. Halamay Journalism Award upon completion of her Bachelor’s degree. Tess is currently developing two creative projects -- Flunkyball, a Top 20 Finalist for the Roy W. Dean Grant and a Quarterfinalist for Hollywood's Fresh Voices Screenwriting Competition .www.tessforestieri.com

Natasha Jahchan - Social Media Director

Natasha is an NYC-based product designer, social media director, and brand designer. Natasha studied User Experience Design at General Assembly and currently does freelance digital design on websites, mobile applications, and social media platforms. She has led successful social media campaigns for The Phluid Project and Dapper Tomboy, including everything from branding and content to execution and marketing. Natasha's background also includes project management, engineering, and architecture. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Structural Engineering. Natasha's focus is in problem solving for user and audience experiences. https://www.natashajahchan.work/


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Top 20 Finalists - Summer 2018 Roy W. Dean Grant - From the Heart Productions
Quarterfinalist for the Fresh Voices Screenwriting Competition


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