Don't Forget To Remember

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: Narrative Short
GENRE: Science Fiction
STATUS: Pre-Production


After a mysterious event gives the world fatal insomnia, one young woman must traverse an alternate dimension to give mankind a chance at survival.


As people die and society begins to collapse from complete insomnia, governments begin to ration a drug, the only thing capable of inducing sleep. With a hidden connection to the event, Zero must use this drug to traverse an alternate dimension and return things to the way they once were.


This film is a combination of two different sides of my creative personality: strong, character-driven narrative work and experimental, sci-fi-influenced video art. I’ve been writing for more than half of my life, and until recently tried to maintain a focus on writing things that could be done with a limited crew and non-existent budget. Video art is a completely new avenue for me, spurred on by my work at IFP and being introduced to artists, curators, and organizations from all over the world. Over the last three years I’ve created several commissioned works that have forced me to think about the relationship between story and visuals in new ways and make creative decisions about how to represent themes that interest me the most. It’s also forced me to take my visual and editing style to new places by incorporating extreme abstraction, harsh compositing, and motion graphics into two-dimensional video work. Don’t Forget To Remember is the culmination of these skills – a character-focused narrative that incorporates abstracted, hallucinatory visuals. The nature of dreams, time, and memory have always been present in my work and this project brings them all together - diegetic voice over coming to our hero from the future, exploring a dream world, and alternatingly haunting and nostalgic memories from the past combine in an attempt to elucidate what makes us human and what drives us to undertake the seemingly impossible things that so many people do on a daily basis.


Thomas D. Rotenberg - Writer/Director/Editor
Thomas D. Rotenberg is a writer, video artist, and curator currently based in Brooklyn, NY. A graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, his written and visual works revolve around memory, time, and technology, and the often symbiotic relationship shared by all three as they inform and distort our perception of the past, present, and future. His short films and video art pieces have shown across the United States and Europe.

Martha Frances Williams - Producer
Martha Frances Williams has a BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design. Her work has included Broadway shows; Driving Miss Daisy, WORKING, Margaritaville, Bull Durham, Roe, Grace; assisting the creative development and revival of the Bucks County Playhouse, coordinating and managing various Commercial Theatre Institute workshops and courses, developing curriculum for NYU Stern and SCAD university courses, the development of several national community driven performance initiatives, films; Found, Greener, I am THEM, Oatmeal, Delicate Rite, Up or Out, Privilege Unhinged, and Atlas of The Soul.


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