Bastards' Road

: Documentary Feature
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Post-Production


Coming home from war is just the beginning.


During an incredible 6,000 mile journey, Marine Veteran Jonathan Hancock learns how to fight PTSD and the other demons from war. In the solitude of the road and in the company of his fellow Marine brothers and gold star families of the fallen, Hancock discovers what is needed to successfully manage the wounds of war that never fully heal.


Bastards' Road is Brian Morrison's first documentary feature. He learned of Hancock's walk from their mutual friends from high school in MD. Morrison travelled with Hancock on his walk six times for weeks or days at a time, functioning as a one-man crew. The sheer magnitude of the narrative arc - an almost 6k mile walk across the country brought logistical challenges for shooting. To do this, out there with him, alone, was challenging and scary, but also liberating. Rather than a traditional documentary camera a Red Epic camera was chosen to enhance the beauty and healing properties of nature during the walk. And during the very intimate visits a smaller DSLR was used to stay as close and flexible as those meetings required. The cinematic experience had to walk this line, to show both as one and separate, to express the explicit and implicit meanings always swimming around and through him. Jon’s extraordinary personality experiencing grief and building a new life all at once. His demons, his hope, his courage, humor, insight and intelligence all needed to be brought to life.


Brian Morrison - Producer / Director

Brian Morrison is a film producer and videographer based in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. area. He produces music videos, commercials and corporate videos. Bastards' Road is his first documentary project.


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