Parallax Reflexions

: Fiction
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Production


“Parallax Reflections”: Inspired by true stories of refugee females being raped and abused on their way to refugee camps, and being SOLD as slaves for nothing more than a pack of CIGARETTES.   

Written and will be directed by DERIN ISIKMAN


In Iris’s world, the loss of a man, her protector, creates instability and the appearance to other man, that abuse is acceptable and will not result a retribution for their actions. 
In the end, she becomes incapable of overcoming the brutally which she endured and creates the inability for her to survive.
The parallax of the story shows the metamorphosis of what is happening in reality and not being spoken.


I am a contribution of unlimited power to see and act when forces are dominating the goodness of humanity, I achieved this through by film making and my activeness for human kind.


Derin Isikman Baratka - Writer and Director

I am an experienced, entrepreneurial Art Director, Writer, Producer and award-winning Film Director passionate about bringing people together through art. • I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts, which is the foundation upon which I have built my career in the world of art.  I have experience working with a multitude of media, including painting, graphic design, art direction, etc.   • My first award winner documentary, the short film “The Two Million” sheds light on the plight of the Syrian refugees who journeyed from Syria to Turkey. I examined the impact of the Syrian crisis on the people who fled and their struggle to begin again in Turkey, and the skills they bring to these countries where they are forced to begin again. I interview dentists, doctors, teachers and other hardworking individuals whose skills can play a vital role, while also examining the lost generation of children suffering from the emotional, physical and psychological damages of war. • With my second documentary, film “The Five Million, My Impossible promise “, as a writer and director, I tried to bring awareness about what is occurring with the Syrian refugee is to show they are been portrayed as a burden, not as possibilities as a contribution. We pointedly show and describe the effects of the loss of sympathy and understanding for each other, which if left unchecked, can lead to the destabilization of society. We show the difficulties existing for the refugees and host communities that is reflecting what could arise on a global scale if not resolve.


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