Forty Dollars A Pop

: Documentary Feature
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Production


A documentary following a sperm donor who finds a family with his donor children, and falls in love with one of their moms.


Forty Dollars A Pop follows Aaron Long, an unmarried middle-aged man living a single life, who, years earlier, had been a sperm donor to make extra cash in his twenties. Through the DNA-based site 23andMe, Aaron connects and forms bonds with several of his donor children and their parents.


Our creative approach is to explore the themes of family; what it means to be a parent, child, or sibling to those you are connected to by DNA but did not grow up around; nature vs nurture; and how 21st century technology allows individuals to circumvent legal barriers to connecting to DNA relatives like never before – in a manner that is touching and lightheartedly comedic. Our subjects recognize both the emotional connections they have made with each other, and the humorousness of their circumstances. Stylistically, the film will combine interview and verite footage, and employ some archival material (including home videos and photos of subjects when they were younger). We’ve interviewed the subjects before they met – talking with them about their expectations – and have since followed them as they’ve grown closer, with several now living together in the same apartment building.


Matt Isaac - Producer

Matt Isaac is the principal of Signal Brigade, LLC, which produces media projects, and Waveform Projects, LLC, which provides business development for film and media productions, arts projects, and cultural organizations. He has participated in the production of and funding for documentary film and television productions, and founded and was Executive Director of Perimeter Media + Culture Projects, a 501(c)3 cultural organization that presented film festivals (including the New York Animation Festival), media arts exhibits, educational workshops, and international arts exchanges.

Craig Downing - Director

Craig Downing has produced internationally recognized films for a variety of clients. Craig was the director of the film department at Iceland's Sagafilm, where he supported feature-length productions (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty), music videos (Björk--Mutual Core), television (HBO's Game of Thrones), and commercial productions (Subaru). Craig has also produced impacting documentaries for NGOs in regional "hot spots," including Haiti and Central America. Most recently, Craig has produced commercial content for Amazon, Lonely Planet, The Discovery Channel, and the Seattle Department of Transportation. Craig also serves as the festival director for Couch Fest Films, curates films for the website Short of the Week, and is a short film programmer at the Seattle International Film Festival. Craig is currently represented by Smarthouse Creative.


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