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Stories of Crime, Faith & Redemption


Jewish prisoners defy stereotype. They are not all of the pencil and paper variety. Some have comitted heinous crimes. They are off most peoples' radar and largely unknown. This will be a ground breaking podcast that will bring to light one of the most hated, hidden and ostracized segment of our nation's Jews.


We have researched Jewish prisoners in 5 different prisons including death row in New York and Florida and also their families. Our hope is to bring to light a forgotten segment of our nation's Jews, expand listeners minds and inspire dialogue and conversations. Also to have fun doing all this lofty shit.  



Rhonda Moskwitz - Creator, Co-host

Rhonda was the founding member of Connect the Docs, a group of Boston-based professional documentary filmmakers that met for nine years. The purpose of the group was to make meaningful connections, share news, resources and information and to exchange ideas. She received a Special Commendation from the Boston Society of Film Critics for running these monthly film salons. Rhonda researched Jews in five prisons including death row. A recipient of a LEF Foundation Flaherty Seminar Fellowship and a former Research Associate at the Hadassah Brandeis Institute at Brandeis University she is currently working on a podcast with Kate Pride about Jewish prisoners.

Kate Pride - Creator, Co-host

Kate was a sculptor before she became a successful artisan jewelry designer. Born in the Ukraine, she came to the Unitited States as a child. While not raised in a Jewish household, her grandfather was raised Jewish. (It's complicated!) She has cred due to a few familly members who have been incarcerated and finds Jewish faith behind bars fascinating.


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