Fearless Misfits (Shish-kebab Western)

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: Fiction
GENRE: Comedy
STATUS: Production


Rescued by a Cowboy, a Bedouin and an Orthodox Jew from a forced marriage, a harem owned damsel leads this gang to rob a bank and win her freedom.


Rescued by an American Cowboy, a Bedouin Muslim and an Orthodox Jew (Hasid) from the claws of a forced marriage, the rebellious independent harem owned damsel Israela leads this gang of outlaws to rob a bank and win her freedom in 1867 Palestine.


How many times has the Western genre been played with, adapted, transformed and rewritten? Quite a few. Some of these are still widely seen on the silver screen and/or on TV even as we speak. Only this time, they are distributed world-wide both in cinema and at home. A true revolution, nobody thought possible until recently. All us born in the 80ties and for sure those before us have great nostalgic awe when they see a great western. When was the Western genre ever mutated into an "Eastern"? Or better yet a "Middle-Eastern"? This action comedy of mine (7 long years in the writing) turns the American ethos of the Wild West into a mutant with a new locale. A middle-eastern battle of senses, religions, genders, faiths emotions, and finally an unforgettable journey into a single woman's earned freedom, in her own right. Israela’s (my protagonist) journey into her rightfully deserved freedom (though intentionally premature in the epoch depicted in my picture) has forcefully parted from the fate of men and their decision making process. This story is ever so relevant as an allegory to our present day predicament. As vital and as visceral as in the conflicts between cultures in the middle-east: Where West borders East or even invades it. Where freedom, cultures, genders and their perceptions are the core, of the differences between nations that are bound to be neighbors. To me, as an Israeli and an American residing most of my life here in the middle-east, in this experiment of democracy called Israel - Amongst many dictatorships in the region, having served in the Israeli military for 8 years then becoming a filmmaker for the past 18 years, my land my home, my country, many times seems like the Wild West incarnate. We have our own Billy the kids, our Jesse Jameses as well as our real life Golda Meirs – Outspoken, individually strong women, who stand out in this too long manly dominated world of ours. As a nation, we have rewritten this genre of 'few facing many' and today, have metamorphosed from a world admired underdog, into this governing 'super power' so to speak, that no-one has expected or believed us to become - Even not ourselves. Our conflicts both internally and externally, have become beyond comprehension or beyond a long seen for solution even for the greatest of statesmen. As a scriptwriter and director, I believe a middle-eastern comedy with a western flavor to it, can inspire and ignite spectators to laugh, to ironically look at themselves and their friends and realize, that we all deserve this comedy that allegorically mocks it all. Yet, instills comfort, fun, therapeutic laughter to all spectators. While worshiping independent women wherever they are. Maybe, just maybe, like Israel itself.


Yaron Yarkoni - Director / Writer / Producer
Yaron David Yarkoni - CV Age: 43 + 4 Kids Residence: Kibbutz Parod, The Galilee, Israel 2009-2019 Director of short fiction film Ahavot Be’Kitsur (“Short” Love) trailer and awards can be seen at www.short-love.com Director of feature war documentary “Tsur’s Kids” depicting the story of Yaron’s paratrooper’s platoon and their unique story in 1993 Lebanon. Produced by Israel’s Channel 10. Fiscally sponsored by IFP New York. Director of feature biography documentary “Like Rain in Summer” telling the story of sculptor and Holocaust survivor Hena Evyatar and her forbidden romance with a priest who saved her life during WWII . Produced by Israeli Channel 10. Fiscally sponsored by IFP New York. Directing producing and editing corporate films and ads for large scale corporate clients such as Samsung, Stanley, El-Al airlines, the Israeli Nature Preserve, hi-tech companies and venture capital funds. www.bingeproductions.co.il 2001 - 2008 Directing and editing music videos for bands and promos Working in large scale international feature film productions as A.D. and more - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2352796/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1 B.A - History, Philosophy and Liberal Arts- The Open University IDF - 1992-2000 - Combat officer in Paratroopers and Sayeret Matkal elite forces. Discharge at the rank of captain. In charge of 40 people in covert war zones and operations, projects budgeted at a strategic level of national importance. Hobbies and interests - I love people and cinema! Travel, hiking, binge TV series. Languages - Fluent English and Hebrew and French.


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