The Nuclear World: Part 3 "Resolution" w.t.

: Documentary
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Development


The Nuclear World Project is a continuing exploration on how the nuclear bomb, the most destructive weapon ever created, is a continuing dilemma for humankind.


On the 16th of July 1945, the first test explosion of an atomic bomb, marked the beginning of the Nuclear Age. Over seven decades later, nine nations led by the United States and Russia possess over 15,000 nuclear weapons, their continuing presence threatens the existence of humankind and the planet.


Since this application is being written at the beginning phase of development for this project I am not going to outline all the approaches envisioned, rather to acknowledge the reality of ideas which will evolve out of the filming and the editing. As a longtime filmmaker, I have learned that the artistic vision comes out of these “forces” which I have learned to stay open to. There is first the idea, followed by the actual filming and then taking the materials into the editing room and looking again at the footage, because over the years what fascinates me is how other elements present themselves anew. These goals in creating a successful documentary is the clarity of the story told the use of images, sound and music, which leads to many “layers” of storytelling through the use of original filming, as well as the use of archival footage where needed. Also having available the original music of the composer who created the music for the first two documentaries in this project, I plan to call upon his creations, which I have access to, for the underscore of this film. Also given the complex nature of telling the story of nuclear weapons it calls for different voices and perspectives to be drawn on as part of the way of arriving at aspects of the story to be told.


Robert E. Frye - Producer/Director/Interviewer

During the first twenty three years of my career credits included being the Senior Producer of the Canadian Broadcasting Company primetime program “Weekend” , Executive Producer of Good Morning America News, the Executive Producer of ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, as well as ABC primetime documentaries, co-Executive Producer of a three hour worldwide exclusive “The Secret Negotiations” an exclusive story on the Iran hostage crisis, and co-Senior Producer of a three hour special honoring FDR on the 100th anniversary of his birth. My responsibilities included developing and creating network news programs and documentaries, managing production teams, overseeing production budgets, and deciding on the editorial content of news broadcasts. Based in New York City, Toronto, Canada, Washington, D.C., and London. For the past thirty years, as an independent filmmaker, I have produced and directed a number of documentaries, broadcast on public television in the United States, as well as internationally, along with producing and directing programs presented during the early days of the cable channel A&E. Documentaries include “Kristallnacht: The Journey from 1938 to 1988” “The Berlin Airlift” and “The Journey of Butterfly” (the story of the Ghetto in Terezin). For the past ten years I have focused on nuclear weapons under the rubric of “The Nuclear World Project” leading to the production and distribution of “In My Lifetime” and “The Nuclear Requiem”. Among awards received an Emmy, two silver Dupont Columbia Silver Batons, a Peabody, two Cine Golden Eagles.


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