The Sixty-Six Percent

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: Documentary Feature
GENRE: Documentary
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A documentary that presents how the majority of women in the US are considered plus size, yet treated as the minority in women's apparel.


This timely documentary sheds light on the deep-seated biases that govern the collective outlook on women’s bodies. Through the lens of women’s apparel, the film explores how sizeism has taken hold of society and what should be done to combat discriminatory messages.


The full-length version of “The Sixty-Six Percent” seeks to be a well-rounded exploration of society’s aversion to weight, using women’s fashion as a case study. To accomplish this goal, the film will take a 360-degree approach to discussing this complex, nuanced and multilayered issue. Its audience will learn about the human connection, not only to weight itself, but to aesthetic, health and art. According to the CDC in 2014, 66 percent of women in the US were classified as overweight. The measurements equate to what the fashion industry calls “‘plus size,”  which generally translates to a size 14 (and above) in clothing. However, when it comes to publicly advertising plus-size clothing, plus-size women are generally off-limits. Plus-size models do not represent the myriad of sizes or are rarely plus size; women who wear size 14 and above are rejected from plus-size casting calls with perplexing frequency. Instead, most plus-size models are sizes 8-12. So, as though the lack of selection and accessibility in plus-size apparel wasn’t enough of a problem, the fashion industry shames plus-size women in another way: by making them out to be unworthy of wearing their own clothing. And the industry is turning away billions of dollars in potential revenue to do so. “The Sixty-Six Percent” is not just the story of elitism in fashion, it’s the story of prejudice everywhere. New York Fashion Week is just the beginning; the fashion industry is just the beginning. Intolerance can rear its ugly head in all walks of life, not just on the catwalk, and the stigma attached to women with larger bodies is just one such example of irrational enmity. Bias is a subtle yet powerful force that infiltrates our consciousness, often undetected. If we can somehow wake up to our own biases—the ones that have been unknowingly perpetuated by the media, pop culture, and our own friends and families—we can slowly begin to shift the paradigm. When all is said and done, this film asks its viewers to engage in a larger dialogue about uncomfortable truths in our society, and to recognize that the narrative our history has told us is not always reliable. We have long defined beauty as a highly specific niche, attainable by only a select few, and we are now at a cultural standstill because of it. “The Sixty-Six Percent” teaches that we are all beautiful, worthy, and equal—regardless of our size, shape, gender, race, or age—and deserve to be treated as such. “The Sixty-Six Percent” is for anyone with a heart and a mind; it’s all about inclusion, after all.


Natalie Abruzzo - Director, Producer
Natalie Abruzzo is a New York-based television reporter, award-winning multi-media journalist and filmmaker. Natalie’s work has appeared on CUNY TV, NBC, WHCR 90.3FM, New York Daily News, The Drive and Medium. She earned her master’s degree at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY where she studied broadcast journalism with a concentration in health and science. Natalie spent 2015 simultaneously working as an on-air reporter for the ABC/CBS affiliate in the Twin Tiers area of New York State and completing her first documentary short, “The Sixty-Six Percent.” She travels the Tri-state area engaging audiences in a broader conversation about the disparities between women’s clothing sizes, body shapes and cultural norms. She hopes to expand the scope of this conversation to include the entire nation, and eventually, the entire world.


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