The Lore of Alice

: Fiction
GENRE: Horror
STATUS: Development


Babysitter. Storyteller. Witch. Your children are not safe.


Jahna and Frank hire a sitter last minute to look after their children, and as luck would have it a very charming, young woman by the name of Alice is recommended. Once alone with the children Alice is instantly loved by the kids as she entertains them with games, treats, and her favorite activity of the night: Reading a bedtime story. But Alice has her own book of lore past down from generations past filled with ghoulish tales.

As Jahna and Frank enjoy their outing they run into Rey, their regular babysitter. They thank her for the recommendation, but Rey doesn’t know Alice at all. Turns out they were lied to from the start, and while Alice is alone with the kids she reveals her true identity to the kids: She is a witch seeking to do harm by summoning the monster in her lore. Danger is imminent, Jahna and Frank fear the worst as they head home, and the children must use their wits and not fall victim to Alice's wicked ways.


Given the success of my award-winning short film, Black People Are Dangerous, it was my goal to entertain an audience with a horror film while encouraging them to think about race. This is the beauty of the horror genre as it allows us to take risks, shift perspectives as we have recently seen in films like Get Out, The Purge, and The Babadook. I will continue that mission with The Lore of Alice. And even though this is a proof of concept short film, in the feature the heroine is going to be modeled after my grandmother who was the first to immigrate to the U.S. followed by my mother, and aunts. And since I never get to see women like them be the hero on screen that will be a prominent feature in this film.

The best way to describe the tone and feel of the film is Stranger Things meets The Conjuring meets classic films like Halloween. Amid the picturesque backdrop of modern day suburbia is a witch, Alice, terrorizing families from town to town by abducting children, and feeding their souls to Satan. With that in mind the film also bares metaphorical relevance to the horrors of family separation.

Having completed a successful run with Black People Are Dangerous, the awards, and film festival screenings put me in contact with prominent people in the film world. And what that means is once The Lore of Alice is completed we have access to Hollywood producers at Jordan Peele’s Monkeypaw Production, Jason Blum of Blumhouse, AND with one of the producers being my best friend from film school who recently worked with Oprah, this film is definitely getting into the hands of powerful people.

If you want to see what similar films of this nature typically generate at the box office check this out, the numbers don’t lie:

Paranormal Activity:
Budget: $15K
Box Office: $193 million

Get Out:
Budget: $4 million
Box Office: $255 million

Budget: $10 million
Box Office: $253 million

From a business sense horror films are made for a reason, but when you get to make one that underlies the real horrors of modern day child separation, The Lore of Alice suddenly becomes more than just a typical “throw-away” horror genre picture.

Our current financial goal is to raise 60K which covers: production, cast and crew, film festival submissions, insurance, and that one named actor set to come on board.

Using the micro-budget approach like the films of Blumhouse and Monkeypaw Production, I am confident The Lore of Alice will bring a fresh new take to this witchy tale and attract a lot of the major players passionate about making an entertaining horror film with a diverse perspective.


Donaldo Prescod - Writer/Director

Donaldo Prescod is an award-winning filmmaker from Boston, Mass. After receiving his BA in Cinema at SFSU he moved to New York to earn an MA in Acting at The New School for Drama. As an actor Donaldo has appeared in: Angels in America, Lend Me a Tenor, The New York premiere of The Recommendation (Craig Noel Award, Best New Play, 2014 Ovation Best Play) by Jonathan Caren, The Wundelsteipen by Nick Jones, True Bible Tales by Rob Askins, Patrick’s Story and The End: When God Gave Up by Golden Globe winner Kyle Bradstreet, Richard III, Burn This, and Dylan directed by Liz Carlson, and The Feast by Cory Finley, directed by Courtney Ulrich. As a writer Donaldo has written numerous plays for the late night episodic #serials@theflea including The 1’s and 2’s, now a full length which had its NY premiere at The Tank, and 2014 semifinalist for the Eugene O’Neill center’s National Playwright Conference. His film Black People Are Dangerous won Best Narrative Short at the Urban Film Festival and the Honorable Mention Award at the 10th Annual Bushwick Film Festival.

Rebecca Hamm - Producer

Rebecca Hamm is an award-winning producer who creates content across an array of entertainment platforms. In 2018, Rebecca received an Emmy nomination, Parents Choice Award, and Communicator Award for her producing/directing work on Storyline Online, a program that promotes global literacy. In 2017, Rebecca won a Cilo for her documentary, Beauty Re-defined, which explored the falsification of beauty in advertising. In 2016, she produced and sold the dark Christmas comedy feature film, Uncle Nick, starring Brian Posen and Paget Brewster. Rebecca has produced branded content for clients such as AT&T, Radio Flyer, TLC, HBO, Mary Kay and a host of fashion brands. Rebecca is focused on creating compelling content that supports women, children and under-served communities. Her father is double-amputee who earned a purple heart for his services in Vietnam.

Claire Siebers - Lead

Claire Siebers (ALICE): THEATER: Favorite credits include Agnes (Lesser America), The Workshop (by Torrey Townsend, directed by Knud Adams, with Austin Pendleton), Tribes at Actors Theater of Louisville (directed by Evan Cabnet), Time Is The Mercy of Eternity (by Deb Margolin, with Lisa Kron), Storm Still (Brooklyn Yard), LA Party (Collapsible Hole, Public Theater Under the Radar, Fusebox Festival in Austin, TX), Pocatello aka When You’re Here (Sam Hunter) at Williamstown Theatre Festival, and Hedda Gabler. She has a web series called Power Lunch. FILM: Other People, Ogre, Genius in a Small Town. Education: Yale University, The Juilliard School.

Jessica S. Hinds - Co-producer

Jessica S Hinds is an award winning writer, producer, and the creator of Meditative Writing © .  

As a teacher Jessica has mentored thousands of writers including Sundance Award-winning filmmakers, Emmy Award-winning writers & producers, Tony Award winners, best-selling authors, professional musicians, TV showrunners, reality TV stars, published poets, and emerging artists in the fields of screenwriting, playwriting, novel writing, TV writing, memoir writing, poetry, journalism, and music.  

Jessica is the co-host of the radio show Truth To Power. She has been a guest teacher & speaker at The Breakk with Karen Kirkland, The NYC Women Filmmakers, Stage32 house @ Sundance, The New School for Drama, The Writers Digest Conference, ITV Fest, The English Writers of Buenos Aires Collective, The Curious About Screenwriting Podcast, and a dozen other schools, festivals, and conferences around the world from California to Indonesia.  Upcoming speaking engagements include The Napa Valley Film Festival, the Mystic Film Festival, and the Austin Film Festival. 

Jessica is currently finishing her book THE MEDITATIVE WRITING COMPANION. Current artistic projects include THE CIRCUIT (Stage play), THE PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY (feature),  SLUTTY RAINBOW BRITE (digital short series) and THE GREAT ONE.

Joseph Willwerth - Producer

Joseph Vassily Willwerth is the director of programming at Bushwick Film Festival and a shorts programmer at the Festival of Cinema NYC, both of which have been ranked in the Top 100 Film Festivals on Film Freeway. He is currently producing two short films, each directed by Bushwick Film Festival alumni. Joseph is also developing an alternative horror screenplay based on Jeffrey Dahmer's Instagram account.


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