Brandi Finds God

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: Narrative Short
GENRE: Comedy
STATUS: Post-Production


A slightly-drunk, free-spirited woman attends a Spanish-speaking, Pentecostal church and befriends a teen girl struggling with a cultural identity crisis.


A slightly-drunk, free-spirited woman finds herself attending a Spanish-speaking, Pentecostal church service. She befriends her appointed translator, a teen girl struggling with a cultural identity crisis. The woman becomes the devil on the teen girl’s shoulder, convincing her to shirk her cultural ties and follow her rebellious impulses.


As someone who grew up in the world of Latinx, Pentecostal churches, I feel it is rare to see this community, or my experiences within it, depicted accurately, or honestly, at all. I wrote and directed this film to show the diversity of people living and worshipping in these spaces. I am a television writer of Ecuadorian descent who has written for several shows including Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Academy Awards, the upcoming Netflix animated series Tuca & Bertie, Adam Ruins Everything, and the upcoming Amazon series Undone. Brandi Finds God is my opportunity to do something more personal, a work written and directed by myself. I am passionate to tell this story because I grew up in South Florida attending an ultra-religious church that had been converted from a warehouse into an Evangelical space of worship. My goal is to depict my love/hate relationship with these spaces: to highlight the beauty in a Latinx community, but also the glittering temptations of the outside world. Brandi Finds God is a film about stereotypes. It is a film about cultural and religious restrictions, the benefits, the downfalls, and about finding balance between your upbringing and your future. But most importantly, I want to show that people in these communities are not all perfect angels dispensing sage advice or waiting to be saved. As a professional, comedy writer, my hope is that, through humor, this film will draw attention to the fact that complicated, flawed, and rebellious characters can exist in spaces that are either shown in a completely uncritical light or restricted to condescending, cultural gawking.


Gonzalo Cordova - Writer, Director
Gonzalo Cordova is a South Florida native of Ecuadorian descent who moved to the United States with his family when he was six-years-old. After graduating with a BFA in Film from Emerson College, he moved to New York City where he learned writing and directing skills from eight years of creating stand-up, sketch, and comedic plays. He currently works as a television writer. His credits include Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the Academy Awards (2017 and 2018), Adam Ruins Everything on TruTV, Tuca & Bertie on Netflix, and the upcoming Amazon series Undone.

Allie Schultz - Cinematographer
Allie Schultz is a graduate of the American Film Institute Conservatory, where she received her MFA in Cinematography. She is an alumna of the Savannah College of Art and Design, with a BFA in Film and Television. Through that program, she studied abroad in Lacoste, France, where she produced and shot the documentary Les Artistes Des Lacoste, which went on to screen at international film festivals. Since 2014, Allie has shot several films which have premiered at numerous film festivals across the country.

Rachel Kinnard - Producer and Costume Designer
Rachel Kinnard spent 12 years working as a creative producer and project manager in New York before moving to Los Angeles. She’s worked as a costume designer and wardrobe stylist for theatrical features, commercial advertising, and fine art photography. She has produced events for Pratt Institute and Junior High Los Angeles. She holds a BFA in fashion design and an MA in Fashion Studies from Parson School of Design.

Suki-Rose Simakis - Producer
Suki-Rose Simakis moved from Tucson, Arizona to Los Angeles where she worked in repertory cinema exhibition. She served as Creative Executive for SpectreVision Films and sits in the advisory board for Fantastic Fest film festival in Austin, Texas and is in an advisory position for The Bob Baker Marionette Theater in Los Angeles. She is also a writer, director, tailor, puppet builder, miniaturist, fiber artist, clay fabricator, rhinestone specialist and more.

Caitlin Ward - Production Designer
Caitlin Ward is a filmmaker and designer based in Los Angeles, California. Though she specializes in direction and production design, she enjoys every part of the storytelling process. In 2017, her short film "Cardinal" won the Denius Longhorn Showcase at SXSW. Caitlin received back-to-back Women in Cinema Grants from the University of Texas 2017-2018. 

Adam Conover - Executive Producer
Adam Conover is a comedian, writer, producer, and actor interested in exploring the weirdest and wildest reaches of human knowledge. He is the host and creator of Adam Ruins Everything on TruTv. He recently launched Fair Point, a new production company, to create and finance projects like this one.


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