For the Love of Monsters

: Narrative Short
GENRE: Student Film
STATUS: Pre-Production


A soft-spoken Nigerian girl comes to the U.S. to visit her relatives, but realizes that a monsters she's familiar with is living under the beds.


A soft-spoken Nigerian girl visiting relatives in the U.S. must resolve her differences with her American cousin in order for them to conquer the monster that lurks under their beds. A frightening tale about the importance of standing up for yourself.


For the Love of Monsters is about standing up for yourself. This story encapsulates a family dynamic when someone is a known abuser. The main characters, who start off opposed to one another, ultimately come together to find a way to solve their problems. Despite living in a strict and oppressive household, they find the strength to fight for themselves. The goal is to show a terrifyingly thrilling truth that unfortunately still happens in society today. We’ve chosen to do that through the lens of a character that we’re not used to seeing in the horror genre, while sending a universal message about working with one another to bring about change in our lives and society using the relatable idea of a monster under the bed In addition to that message, For the Love of Monsters, highlights the relationship between kids raised in their native countries and immigrant children. Visually, we plan to utilize depth of field and focus, to depict the relationship between Chidinma and her cousin Amaka and how that relationship evolves throughout the film. The infusion of Nigerian games, food and of the Igbo language situate the film in a very specific world and gives it a uniqueness and creates opportunity for interesting cinematic choices. The costume and production design will be aimed at authentically representing the Nigerian-American lifestyle while infusing horror elements. The monster’s costume will embody the idea of toxic elements in culture while being frightening. For the Love of Monsters is being produced as a thesis film for M.F.A. in Creative Producing at Columbia College Chicago.


Eseoghene Obrimah - Producer/Co-Writer

Eseoghene Obrimah is a writer and producer from Lagos, Nigeria. Ese’s experiences as an international student and advocate for Black students and survivors of sexual assault informs her choices as a filmmaker, leading her to focus on stories geared towards understanding the complexities of being Black and African while also analyzing societal issues. Her hope is to bring light to the unseen, start conversations and shift culture. "For the Love of Monsters" was written and is being produced with that intention. Ese is currently an MFA candidate in the Cinema and Television Arts Department at Columbia College Chicago.

Claire Stanton - Director

Claire Stanton was adopted from China and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is currently a senior at Columbia College Chicago majoring in film with her best interests in directing. She hopes to bring more representation and diversity to film while also having the audience think, feel, and be entertained. “For the Love of Monsters” involves thematic elements that she can relate to, and Claire hopes to impact her society to stand up for what is right.

Donijah Collier - Director of Photography

Donijah Collier is from New Haven, Connecticut. He moved to Chicago, Illinois to study at Columbia College Chicago, where he graduated with a BA in Cinema and Television Arts focusing on cinematography. Finding inspiration throughout the colors and compositions of the world, he has used this as a guide to express himself as a creative professional. Collier has realized the importance of reinventing the types of stories that are being told today. He aspires to tell diverse new narratives that will influence, and impact our society emotionally, culturally, politically as well as socially, through his own unique visual storytelling.

Paige Grable - Production Designer

Paige Grable is in her sophomore year of college at Columbia College Chicago. This is the 3rd film that she’s done PD for. She’s an Indiana native who loves animals and being on film sets. She have also been a set decorator, an extra, a film assistant, and a SFX makeup artist on different shoots. 

Julia Schneider - Costume Designer

Julia graduated from Columbia College Chicago in May 2019 with a degree in fashion business. She has had a passion for film her whole life and is excited to pursue it as a career after graduation.


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