Tromaville: A Celluloid Love Story (Working Title)

: Documentary Feature
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Production


For nearly 50 years, our dad, fiercely independent legendary filmmaker Lloyd Kaufman (THE TOXIC AVENGER, Troma Entertainment) has never answered to anyone, until our mom, Pat Kaufman, pledges their retirement savings to produce the film #SHAKESPEARE'S SH*TSTORM. Mom’s standards and hopes intersect and conflict with Dad’s outrageous vision for what he says will be his last film.


TROMAVILLE follows legendary NY-based filmmaker, Lloyd Kaufman the founder of Troma Entertainment and creator of “The Toxic Avenger.” For nearly 50 years, Kaufman has built a cult following for independent films known for hyper-sexualized blood, guts and gore. To filmmakers like Stan Lee (creator of Spider-Man) and James Gunn (MARVEL’s Guardians of The Galaxy), Lloyd Kaufman is a visionary. To us, he’s Dad. 

TROMAVILLE celebrates and interrogates Kaufman as only daughters can, with a critical eye and unconditional love - we are at once his biggest fans and his most vocal critic. 


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Lily-Hayes Kaufman - Director, Producer
Lily-Hayes Kaufman is a NY filmmaker. She is currently working on TROMAVILLE a Feature Documentary about legendary filmmaker Lloyd Kaufman who created the hideous superhero The Toxic Avenger (he is also her dad.) Lily-Hayes wrote and directed the Web Series Rare Birds of Fashion about two female entrepreneurs who launch a plus size fashion startup. She developed the pilot as an original scripted comedy for NBC. She relaunched Troma Entertainment's YouTube Channel for which she develops original digital shorts and series. Lily-Hayes has contributed to Huffington Post,, Duke Magazine, and the DOA Horror Anthology. In a past life, she worked on Wall Street, developing commodity investment strategies for institutional investors, to pay her way through the Harvard Business School. Lily-Hayes is a member of NYWIFT and the Writers Guild of America East where she serves on the WGA Awards Committee and was shortlisted for the MINY Writers Room Fellowship.

Charlotte Kaufman - Director, Producer, Cinematographer
Charlotte Kaufman is a New York based filmmaker. She was the cinematographer and associate producer of emmy award nominated Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes which won best documentary at the Hamptons International Film Festival in 2018. Charlotte was a researcher for Alex Gibney’s Academy Award Nominated Zero Days and produced and co-shot an untitled Netflix documentary for Jigsaw Productions, that is part of a criminal justice themed anthology series. She produced and shot the Netflix film Undecided about the 2016 Presidential election. Previously, she was a Senior Producer for Newsweek. She Speaks Fluent Arabic and has a BA from Columbia University.


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