Reconstructing Eve

: Transmedia Documentary
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Development


Seven high-profile crimes open the door to explore violence against women and the narratives that prevail in society and make change difficult to achieve.


A transmedia project anchored around seven high-profile crimes from different countries in the Americas open the door to exploring the many faces of violence against women and the tales and stories embedded into our society’s narrative that make true change so difficult to achieve.


From my early days as a newspaper reporter the focus of my work has always been to create awareness around social issues and spark social dialogue. As a bilingual and multicultural journalist, producer, director, and storyteller with 25 years of experience leading multimedia projects I believe it is important to broaden discussion beyond a particular region or country. Although Reconstructing Eve starts by focusing on the Americas, the idea is to broaden the project in the future to other regions of the world. The current goal, however, is to create a transmedia project that helps women reclaim the female narrative and promotes social dialogue around the different forms of gender violence I myself have experienced. This is a pressing topic both current and global that demands action in order to promote a more constructive public discussion and profound cultural change. In this sense, Reconstructing Eve consists of a documentary, which will also be packaged as a series; a hard cover photography book; and, an online community. The main objective is threefold: create awareness around the situation of women in the Americas, and the power behind the stories we tell and retell each other from one generation to the other thus shaping our view of the world; to spark social dialogue and discussion around these same topics, vanishing old paradigms of culture and geographical divides; and, to build a community of support for women facing violence in its varied forms. This is a topic I feel passionately about, that has touched my life and that of many friends and colleagues, both directly and indirectly. I believe in taking action and making things happen, as well as in the importance of storytelling in order to define who we are and our contribution to the world we live in.


Ursula Cecilia Pfeiffer - Director/Producer

Ursula Pfeiffer is an award-winning multimedia content creator with extensive experience in multicultural and multi-market projects. Her expertise includes storytelling, content development and production, team building, sales integration, cross-functional team and project leadership, Best Practices & SOPs, and more recently, instructional design. Born in Oregon into a bicultural family, Ursula moved to Lima, Peru as a child. She started her career writing chronicles and special reports for the Peruvian journal El Mundo, later transitioning into network television as a reporter and news anchor. In 2000, she moved back to the US and worked in news shows in Univision. Five years later she joined ESPN where she won a total of 5 Sports Emmys®, among them one for Best Short Documentary.


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