Power of Attorney

: Narrative Short
GENRE: Student Film
STATUS: Pre-Production


A heartless estate attorney searches the desert for the hidden assets of his deceased client only to find a dead body and a newfound empathy.


A heartless estate attorney has one rule: "don't get involved." However, while searching the desert for his deceased client's hidden assets, he instead finds a dead body - a body that then wakes up, pinning him between his selfish desire to remain uninvolved and his repressed desire to empathize with someone.


I have always been a rather self-focused and goal-oriented person; spending all of my time and energy bettering myself in every way possible. However, this has at times distanced me from other people, putting all of my attention on my own issues and little to no time on other peoples’. While this has made me a more cutthroat worker and raised my productivity to new heights, it has also dulled my empathy for others and caused me to recede into loneliness. I know the dissatisfying life of a person who only cares about themself. With “Power of Attorney,” I have envisioned a future version of someone like myself and given them one last chance to redeem themselves. I still have hope that if I can learn to involve myself in other people's’ lives, they will, in turn, welcome me into theirs. Through this character, hopefully, we all can learn the real value of empathy. We also aim at reversing the negative stereotypes surrounding lawyers and attorneys, and the irreplaceable value they have in holding a person's life in their hands.


Matthew DiGiaimo - Writer/Director

A third-generation New Jersey filmmaker with a passion for deep characters and honest stories. Grandson of the legendary casting director behind such films as The Godfather (1972), The Exorcist (1973), and Gladiator (2000), Matthew has grown up a witness to the incredible power film has to influence people. With this power, Matthew strives to bring truth to the world, first starting a profession that, in his mind, does not get enough credit.

Matthew Devlin - Cinematographer

A lifelong filmmaker with a keen eye for lighting, composition, and thematically motivated shots. Matthew was recently the Cinematographer of the feature film Nowhere to Run (2020), which is due in festivals this coming year. As he continuously adds on to an impressive portfolio of work, he now wants to take the professional wisdom he has gained and focus it on a shorter, yet incredibly powerful story.


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