Trans in Trumpland

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: Documentary Feature
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Post-Production


With unprecedented violence facing trans people today, a trans Iranian-American filmmaker embarks on a journey across America to discover what is like to navigate this political moment as a trans American.


Trans in Trumpland is a feature-length documentary that will investigate the impact of anti-trans policies on the lives of four transgender subjects. Told through a road trip narrative across conservative parts of America, the film portrays an accurate representation of the transgender experience in conservative states. Set against the backdrop of increasing rates of violence against trans Americans, Trans in Trumpland will show how trans Americans are resisting anti-trans policies.


Trans in Trumpland is a participatory documentary that will be told through a road trip narrative led by Director Tony Zosherafatain. As a transgender Iranian-American, Tony occupies a key position as someone who is affected by key political issues in America today. The film will utilize a verite filmmaking styling to capture first-hand footage on the road as Tony drives to the four states that the subjects are located in. Drone shots will be used to portray the landscapes, settings, and emotional backdrop of each state in the film. Each subject’s story will be filmed through verite footage, formal and informal interviews, voiceovers, b-roll, and intimate macro shots that capture each subject’s emotional core. Key supporting characters will include the subject’s family members, partners, and other crucial connections.


Tony Zosherfatain - Director
Tony Zosherafatain is the Director of Trans in Trumpland. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts to an Iranian father and a Greek mother. Tony graduated from Wesleyan University, and began making films in 2012. Tony's first documentary, I am the T, investigated trans men’s experiences around the world, including countries with strict anti-trans laws. Tony's creative work focuses on capturing authentic, under-represented transgender stories in remote and often dangerous environments. After I am the T, Tony directed and produced my first feature documentary, Finding Cedar, which centers around the experience of a trans man who lives on a First Nation reservation in Canada. Tony also directed four short films, including one about a young Iranian trans man and another about a mother’s perspective on her trans son’s identity. Tony conceptualized Trans in Trumpland the week after Trump won office, when any mention of LGBT rights was eradicated from the White House website. On a personal level, Trump’s actions left Tony feeling invisible, threatened, and unsure about the future. As a filmmaker, he realized that he held a unique position to use his skills to help transgender Americans speak their truth. Through the medium of filmmaking, Tony is seeking to better educate Americans about trans issues. His goal with Trans in Trumpland is to increase accurate representations of transgender Americans and expedite the movement for trans equality.

Jamie DiNicola - Producer
Jamie DiNicola is an award-winning producer, director, & activist. His films have screened at Toronto’s Inside Out Film Festival, Newark International Film Festival, Full Bloom Film Festival, San Francisco Trans Film Festival, Los Angeles Cinefest, Rahway Film Festival, and many other prestigious festivals. Jamie’s production company, TransWave Films LLC, focuses on centralizing transgender stories. His work can be found online at and

Leroy Farrell - Director of Photography
Leroy Farrell is a Brooklyn-based Director of Photography and FAA Part 107 certified drone operator. His experience with vérité documentary shooting and love for cinematic lighting combine to establish his personal aesthetic. His documentary film work has screened at Sundance, Chicago International Film Festival, and DOC NYC. Collaborating with clients such as RocNation, Google, Clinique, Under Armour, Rolling Stone, Disney, and PBS Leroy has traveled the world to tell meaningful and captivating stories. Leroy is always ready to follow a compelling story wherever it may lead.

Jason Kohl - Lead Editor
Jason B. Kohl’s award-winning films have screened at the Berlinale, SXSW, Locarno, NYFF, BFI London, Hot Docs, and Tallinn Black Nights. Most recently he completed Dancing With Le Pen (EP’d by Oscar Winner Laura Poitras), which premiered at the 2018 Sheffield Doc/Fest. His upcoming work includes two documentary features. The first, Eli, a Dog in Prison, is EP’d by Sophie Robinson (Emmy nominee for NETFLIX’s My Beautiful Broken Brain). The second, Recovery, is Refinery29’s first feature documentary. The film follows an incest survivor and her remarkable recovery process. Jason is a former Fulbright and DAAD Artist Scholar with an MFA from UCLA Film School.


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