Pink Moon

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: Narrative Feature
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Pre-Production


A queer couple living out of their van plan to rob a bank in a small conservative town.


K and Mira, a queer couple living out of their van, hatch a plan to get some cash by robbing a bank. But when their automotive homestead breaks down in a small conservative town, the two are forced to look at what this plan really means for them.


Our goal with Pink Moon is to create a window for Genderqueer characters to be at the center of their story, instead of a side character. We also aim to make this a unifying film, which focuses on the similarities of people, rather than their differences despite polarizing political, religious and cultural beliefs. This film will be one of the first films to present a genderqueer character at the forefront, as well as polyamory as the non-central plot point. I believe it can create a window for people to see that to be deemed good or bad relies solely on your ability to be tolerant and compassionate. The emotional achievement of the film rests on the impact it will have on the viewer. Mira and K’s pitfalls, moments and feelings in their relationship will resonate with pretty much anyone, regardless of their orientation or sexual preference. The reverse magnetism between two partners during periods of disconnect because of their current situation (ie, being trapped in a small town, with small-town society pressures imposed on their relationship) should translate to anyone who has felt stifled in any way. Additionally, acknowledging the differences and the similarities between two factions of belief and political leanings are also at the root of this story. If we are able to make this film appeal to both sides of the political spectrum without ruffling too many feathers (definitely will be a challenge), I think this will create the success we hope to have with moviegoers. As we try to bridge the gap that has been so widened, we will likely discover that most of us end up somewhere in the middle.


Carol Brandt - Director, Producer
orn and raised in the Midwest, Carol grew up telling stories through plays, comic books, music, and her grandmother’s VHS camcorder. After earning her film BFA from UW-Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts in 2014, she has gone on to produce multiple short and feature films, all of which she directs, produces, and edits. Carol wrote and directed her first feature, Things Found on the Ground, at the age of 20. The film had its world premiere at the New Orleans Film Festival in 2013. Her award-winning fourth feature, Pet Names, premiered at the 2018 SXSW Film Festival and has screened at festivals across the globe.

Meredith Johnston - Director, Writer, Actor
Meredith Johnston originally hails from California, but may as well be a midwesterner as she’s lived in Chicago for ten years now. She is a graduate of the Theatre School at DePaul University with a BFA in acting. Her acting work has been seen in Baby directed by Stephen Cone and Christopher Darling, directed by Martin Kaszubowski. Pet Names, which she wrote and starred in, premiered at the 2018 SXSW film festival.

Dana Shihadah - Director of Photography
Dana Shihadah is a filmmaker and cinematographer based in Los Angeles whose work includes documentaries, narrative films, music videos, and advertisements. Her personal work has landed her awards from Best Director to Jury Best Short and has screened across the globe. Partnering with director Carol Brandt, the duo premiered at the 2018 SXSW Film Festival their narrative feature “Pet Names” (one of The Hollywood Reporter’s “10 Best Films of SXSW 2018”) and is slated for their next project with Meredith Johnston in May of 2020. She is currently the cinematographer for two feature documentaries in progress and is premiered the documentary “My First and Last Film: by Tracey Thomas" last year. In 2019 she completed two narrative features: KP Kaszubowski’s “Ringolevio” and Drew Britton’s “They Want Me Gone”. Born in the American Midwest and raised in the Middle East, Dana is no stranger to world travel and new environments, giving her a natural attitude of flexibility, empathy, and confidence when faced with the unfamiliar. Dana’s unconventional upbringing has offered her a unique lens for both her directing and shooting methods, an approach that can be witnessed in any of her work; graceful, attentive, courageously human.

Suzanne Jurva - Producer
Suzanne Jurva created the research department at DreamWorks SKG and was a feature film development executive supervising many Academy Award nominated and winning films including: Saving Private Ryan, Amistad, Minority Report, Gladiator, Prince of Egypt, Lincoln, and others. She still works with DreamWorks on current projects in development. She is an award-winning documentarian, director, and producer and has been part of many film festivals for Yoopera! (PBS), The Fabulous Ice Age (Netflix), and Changing Keys: Billy McLaughlin & the Mysteries of Dystonia (PBS). Her work has been seen on The Weather Channel, NBC, NBC News, PBS, MTV, FOX, BBC, Showtime, and at The Library of Congress.

Chester Algernal Gordon - Producer
In 2019 Gordon became the first gender non-binary African-American costume designer to compete in competition at Cannes Film Festival with “Port Authority”. In the last 4 years they’ve produced a fleet of acclaimed short films and a feature documentary called “Pier Kids”. Gordon was also a winner of the Tribeca Film Institute’s 2019, TFI All Access Grant and TFI Pond5 Program. Gordon is a Film Independent 2019 Producing Lab & Fast Track Lab fellow. Gordon’s films have been official selection and won many awards in over 200 festivals combined including Berlin, SXSW, BFI, Outfest, New Orleans, Cleveland, Athens, Palm Springs, Blackstar and the American Black Film Festival. They’re also a producer for the MIPCOM 2018 winner - GLAAD nominated documentary TV series, “My House”, on Viceland. Gordon’s latest shorts “Buck” and “Ship” are Sundance Film Festival 2020 world premieres.


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