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: Documentary Feature
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Production


NO HOME HERE details the desperately resilient stories of Sacramento’s most compelling homeless individuals and uses them to as conduits to examine this pressing problem.


NO HOME HERE is a documentary about the homeless crisis centered in Sacramento, using California’s capital as a microcosm to tell a larger story that plays out across the state and country. The film follows a collection of compelling individuals, providing a raw portrayal of their struggles and triumphs.


Our primary goal in addressing the overwhelming issue of homelessness is to create a style that allows the viewer into the experience and daily life of those dealing with it. Our approach is in-the-moment verite—from our central characters’ perspectives, and sometimes from their own eyes, via subject-operated cameras we’ve deployed with several key people in our film. During this historic and difficult time of Covid-19, we’re allowing our main subjects to film themselves in ways we never could, while we plan to continue to use our team to shoot footage safely at a proper distance—primarily through Zoom at this time. We feel that the issue of homelessness has only been more dramatically exacerbated by this pandemic. We’ve had a number of ongoing online conversations with our primary subjects to hear their stories firsthand and give them technical guidance on their own filming as they struggle to survive. We already have compelling footage from our early process, and will grow and develop this technique throughout production. We’ve had great success in our previous feature documentaries THE S WORD and OF TWO MINDS using this personal footage, as well as our editorial work on standouts like THE INVISIBLE WAR and THE HUNTING GROUND. The look and feel of the film will be cinematically compelling, making the Sacramento homeless community feel very present and vivid. We’ll also take a deeply intimate approach with our subjects, using these personal cameras and our own talented cinematographers in the field as a two-level aesthetic. Cinematically engaging films like RICH HILL, THE OVERNIGHTERS and STREETWISE are our inspirations for our look and feel, along with many more.


Lisa Klein - Director
the most cloistered issues of our time through the emotional stories of suicide attempt and loss survivors. In 2012, Lisa co-directed the award-winning film OF TWO MINDS, a journey into the lives of people living, struggling and triumphing with bipolar condition. Both films received the SAMHSA Voice Award, the most significant honor for mental health filmmaking. Lisa tours the country speaking and using her films to raise awareness of mental health issues. She is co-founder, with her husband Doug, of MadPix Films, an LA-based production company specializing in character-driven stories that create global impact and social change. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan and received an M.F.A. from the University of Southern California.

Leslie Silver - Producer
Producer Leslie Silver, PhD, is a UC Berkeley-educated clinical psychologist who has studied and provided direct services to the homeless for more than 30 years. Leslie left the comfort of her psychology private practice to partner with MadPix Films to make a documentary about the homeless crisis, believing that the stories of the people who have the least can say the most about the deficiencies in our political, economic and social systems. Frustrated by years of working within a mental health system that only functions well for people of privilege, and mindful of the belief that no change happens in silence, she began preproduction for the film 2016. Leslie is deeply committed to helping the homeless and believes the power of film can help embed their stories into the consciousness of a broad audience, and, in turn, advance the dialogue towards effective solutions to this crisis.

Douglas Blush - Producer
Producer and Editor Doug Blush is an award-winning filmmaker whose work includes over 150 feature and television projects, and a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and the American Cinema Editors. His credits include, as consulting editor and co-producer, the 2019 Academy Award-winning PERIOD END OF SENTENCE, the 2018 Academy Award-winning ICARUS, and, as supervising editor, the 2013 Oscar-winning 20 FEET FROM STARDOM, for which he also received the ACE Eddie Award for Best Documentary Editing. Throughout his career Doug has worked on projects inspiring social change, including the Oscar-nominated THE INVISIBLE WAR (2013), which was instrumental in changing U.S. laws to increase protection of military personnel against sexual assault, and THE HUNTING GROUND (2015), which improved response to campus sexual abuses. A graduate of the University of Southern California School of Cinema, he is co-founder MadPix Films.


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