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: Documentary
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Post-Production


057 is an experimental documentary exploring the connection between trauma narrative and collective memory through ten years of video-based documentation of a group of friends united by tragedy.


057 shows exposes the mythology that has developed around a group of friends' shared stories over time by juxtaposing similar words and phrases collected from almost verbatim independent interviews with members of the group. The project exposes the gap between the participants' knowledge of the events discussed and the limited access to in-group knowledge available to the outside observer.


As an artist, I am fascinated by both the whole and the fragmented. As human beings, we learn by taking objects and concepts apart and putting them back together to create meaning. As a society, we draw from the fragments of the cultures and ideas that came before us, forming a mosaic of memory, belief, thought, and emotion that becomes richer the more we explore. As individuals, our psyches fragment as a means for self-preservation; we break apart to hide our darkest moments from our conscious selves until we feel it is safe to explore those fragments and reconnect the pieces. We use our imaginations and our dreams as a means of communicating from subconscious to conscious, to bridge among the parts we keep separated so we may find understanding. And understanding ourselves helps us to find ways to empathize with others.


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