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: Fiction
GENRE: Comedy
STATUS: Pre-Production


 Wally, a genius painting artist cat, escapes from Monsieur Le Rangoo's L'Arte Schoole for the Upwardly Riche and Famous and survives a dangerous trek homeward to reunite with the family that really loved him all along for who Wally WAS and is--not for his genius talents with a paintbrush, paints and easel.


 The Smythetownes discover that their housecat is a genius painting artist and immediately send Wally to "Monsieur Le Rangoo's L'Arte Schoole for the Upwardly Riche and Famous."  Wally is given the "Rangoo Treatmente Royale" with a massive publicity campaign and enormous global p.r..

But Wally runs away to reunite with his family, the Smythetownes and everyone who Wally hopes will just love him for who he is, and not because he is a genius painting artist cat who can make a lot of money.


 If there is anything at all I can contribute to the world with my writing, storytelling and imagination, it is simply to recall and draw on the fact that I have been a child, and that I cherish that fact in connecting with my work with children--our most precious asset--and to do this  everywhere!


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