Soldiers of Paint

: Documentary
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: In Distribution


In the fields of Oklahoma, the battle for Normandy begins anew. The soldiers are armed with paint, not bullets, and this time the Germans could win.


For a week each June, 800 acres in Oklahoma are transformed into the Normandy, France, battlefront from June 6, 1944. Participants for both the Allied and German sides strive to achieve as much authenticity to the historical event as possible, with two exceptions: They're armed with paint instead of bullets, and the Germans could win.


"Soldiers of Paint" steps into the lives of several Oklahoma D-Day participants to get an up-close and personal glimpse into what they are doing to prepare for the battle and how it impacts them and their families. With the intense and riveting footage of the D-Day paintball battle as a backdrop (many veterans who play say it looks and feels like a real war), we show how their efforts pay off in the battle's outcome, which hangs in the balance and carries enormous bragging rights. Our probing questions and intimate visual story-telling uncover just why it is these participants devote the amount time and energy to do what they do for the game. As the battle unfolds, we reveal that what at first glance may seem like a gathering of militant paintball fanatics turns out to be an inspirational community that defies stereotypes, honors veterans, bonds families, and educates young people. By the film's end, the audience is not only eagerly anticipating the outcome of the battle, but hopefully feeling inspired by these passionate D-Day participants to seek out equally worthy endeavors.


Doug Gritzmacher - Director

Michael DeChant - Director


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