This American Death

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: Documentary
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Post-Production


This American Death looks to experts in myriad fields and the dying themselves for answers to the films central question: "Is a 'good death' possible?"


This American Death explores the complicated world of death and dying in contemporary America by tracing the sweeping and dramatic changes surrounding end-of-life care in the last 50 years and exploring where these changes have left us today. This film looks at problemed dying in the United States and the debate around a potential antidote to the negative death experience.


I came to the subject of death and dying after volunteering for Hospice on and off for nearly ten years. In that time, I saw again and again how complicated both the dying and grieving processes could be -- even for those who were "educated" on the subjects. This cognitive dissonance intrigued me. I began to read, digging deep into the rich and sometimes disturbing history of end-of-life care in this country, and found a complex web of factors that make death and dying in contemporary America what it is today  problemed, sometimes daunting, and potentially enlightening. Through This American Death I seek to thoroughly survey this intricate landscape.


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