India In America: A Trilogy

: Documentary
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Production


INDIA IN AMERICA: A TRILOGY is a series of three documentary half-hours, intended for television broadcast, about Indian cultural presence in America.


This trilogy of short documentaries invites viewers to see how Indians maintain their religious and cultural identity in America, to understand some of the basic concepts of Indian philosophy, and to see how Indian philosophical values have influenced mainstream American culture.


The mainstream American media often promotes a very limited or cursory view of American life. This trilogy of short films will serve to expand the vision of what it is to be American in an effort to increase cross-cultural understanding, and to reduce the stereotyping that arises from lack of exposure. Moreover, the violent attacks on Sikh Americans after 9/11 demonstrate that Americans largely confuse South Asian religions and need more exposure to these religions in order to understand their differences. While Americans have become more and more interested in Indian culture through their interest in yoga, in Bollywood movies and music, and in eastern spirituality, there is still very little knowledge, for example, of the actual tenets of Hinduism.


Mridu Chandra - Director / Producer


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UPDATE - March 05, 2013

Indian Summer - the first of this series- screened at DOC NYC, the Hawaii International Film Festival, the New York Indian Film Festival, the NJ Independent South Asian FF, and The Big Apple Film Festival. During the month of March 2013, it can be seen online at the PBS Online Film Festival, and is eligible for a People's Choice Award.  Please vote for it!

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