Brave New Wild

: Documentary
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Completed


A hobo climber's daughter takes a playful look at the birth of rock climbing as a counterculture movement.


Meet the original nomadic wine-swigging beatnik adventurers that abandoned the American mainstream for danger. Utilizing archival footage, campfire interviews with infamous climbers, and family home videos, the director creates a portrait of eccentrics, including her father, carving their own wild path through America.


The pioneers of American rock climbing were often shunned as "dirtbags" and deserters of the American Dream, but our film seeks to show that climbing roots were inextricably linked to the culture of greater America and its growing pains, shifting from the last unknown continent to developed superpower. This story is about wanderlust in the modern age, and how it is played out in the world of rock climbing. It contrasts the electricity of adventure with the fragility of life, while encouraging thought on our existence in an evolving and disappearing natural world.


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