Esas Voces Que Curan

: Documentary
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: In Distribution


Voices That Heal tells the story of a Shipibo shaman and her family, and of their struggle to keep their traditions alive while facing the challenges of the modern world.


Voices That Heal tells the story of Herlinda Augustin, a Shipibo shaman from the Peruvian Amazon, and of her struggle to keep her traditions alive while facing the challenges of the modern world. The film offers an intimate look into the world of shamanism and asks the questions: What are people without their traditions? What are traditions without their people?



Herlinda Augustin, the protagonist of our film, was a highly respected shaman, healer and medicine woman. She was also someone who loved nothing more that to be at home with her family in their village of San Francisco, Peru. But she also loved the world and had a message.

Everything Herlinda did in her life started with her family. She first became healer to heal her children. She traveled abroad to heal others so that her family would have a better future. And when her cancer spread, she agreed to go to a western hospital in Lima - something almost unheard of for an indigenous person in Peru - because her children asked her to go. And then she let us film it.

Looking back, we now see that allowing us into her home and life to film her during the last three years of her life was Herlinda following this from-the-inside-to-the-outside pattern. Herlinda taught us that healing is a dialogue, a cycle, and a process that occurs in a person's mind and body but that also manifests between individuals, cultures and generations. We feel privileged to have been entrusted to bring this wisdom to audiences around the world.



Delia Ackerman and Heather Greer - Co-Directors/Producers

 Delia Ackerman and Heather Greer are award-winning documentary filmmakers who met in Peru in 2008 and were drawn together by their mutual interest in natural healing traditions and disappearing cultures. They started filming Voices That Heal six months later. Delia is the head of FILFILMS in Lima, Peru, and Heather is co-founder of BlackTartan, LLC in New York City.

Douglass Sims - Producer

Douglass Sims writes, practices law and produces films for Black Tartan, LLC. In each of these endeavors he strives to balance soul, substance and sustainability

Javier Arciniega - Editor

 With over 18 years of experience, Javier is one of Peru’s leading documentary film editors. What distinguishes him is his blend of technical and artistic mastery.

Guillermo Palacios - Sound Designer

Guillermo Palacios is one of Peru’s most respected sound recordists and sound designers. He chose to work on Voices That Heal because he was so moved by the story.

Diego Velasquez - Animator

Diego Velasquez is an animator and compositor with more than 10 year of professional experience. He is the co-owner of MAKACO, one of the leading post productions facilities in Peru.


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UPDATE - January 09, 2013

In October of 2012, we were selected by the Ministry of Culture of Peru as the only documentary project to be represented at Ventana Sur, the leading Latin American film market in Argentina. We will be traveling to Buenos Aires at the end of November, 2012, to attend the market and to identify parties interested in broadcasting our film for television in 2013.

UPDATE - January 09, 2013

We completed Voices That Heal in June of 2011. Since then it has screened as official selections for leading festivals in Peru, Mexico, India, Argentina, Australia, Canada and the US.

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