Something Wicked Dwells

: Fiction
GENRE: Horror
STATUS: Post-Production


Four slaves chained together, meet their doom one- by- one.


Based on the critically published horror poem, four men must face the ghost of their Master and endure a painful doom.


"Something Wicked Dwells," the poem, screenplay, radio play and the silent film are all archived in the UCLA Library of Special Collections. The poem was originally published in 1999, then published again in 2012 on both The Horror Zine .com and in The Horror Zine Digest Summer 2012 (Available on Amazon & Kindle & in audio book).   

I love the beauty of black & white photography and the beauty of the nude male form. Fuse those dynamics together with horror and you have a jaw- dropping experience. That's what "Something Wicked Dwells" is. 

Waide Riddle


Bill Oberst, Jr. - actor

C.J. Brady - actor

Troy Mittleider - actor

Fabian Alomar - actor

Aaron Glazer - Production Designer

Christopher Morrison - Stunt & Fighting Choreographer

Jay Lawton - Still Photographer


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