Woo Woo

: Fiction
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Completed


When the neighborhood children mock an injured veteran, a young girls curiosity leads to a false judgment of his past. Eventually she discovers they are not so different.


Woo Woo tells the story of a young girl named Louise and an injured war veteran in the summer of 1961. After WWI, Woo Woo can only mutter the words, woo woo. Louise is terrified of him after her older sister fabricates a story about his past. However, when Louise confronts her fears she discovers they are not so different.


In this film, I will be exploring the life of a child and her vision of the world. My protagonist, Louise, is a timid six-year old who becomes both obsessed and terrified of a shell-shocked WWI war veteran who lives on her street. The story takes places in Astoria, Queens in the 1960s. As a result, the art direction and cinematography is reflective of the time period. The film was shot on black and white Super 16mm. For me, black and white is very poetic; one can use simple elements such as shadows and darkness to convey the characters perspective and feelings. More importantly, its about human expression. Arguably, a characters face can be more expressive in black and white. In my film, I want to show how a young child can have compassion for what she also fears. Because my film is about my mothers childhood, I would like it to be nostalgic; a story that paints a portrait of a time that longer exists. The children run wild with their imaginations. I want the spectator to imagine with Louise as they watch the film.


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