Influence of a Dollar

: Narrative Feature
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Pre-Production


The girls in the hood aren't always hard.


An unlikely friendship between a sheltered, private school girl and an audacious, young gangster results in an unconventional business deal. She will finally be able to get away from Tulsa, Oklahoma after graduation and he still gets to make money while incarcerated. Her lack of knowledge about the street lifestyle leaves both of their lives forever changed.


"Influence of a Dollar" gives a glimpse of daily life in the hood differently than ever before - through the eyes of Dana, an impressionable, yet observant girl who is immersed in the boys club of the streets. Because she lives in the ghetto but attends a posh private school on scholarship across town, she teeters a fine line between both worlds. The camera will be used to help enhance the protagonist's voice. The city's vast socioeconomic and cultural opposites will be shown with stylized images which will then be blended in an ambiguous collision representing her losing her way as the story progresses. In order to maintain the authenticity of this story based on real events, the director has chosen to use her hometown, Tulsa, as the backdrop. By shooting around corners, through bookcases and windows, and from one room to the next her feelings of being an outcast are emphasized. By the time she is engrossed in fast-paced life of the streets, the director will fuse both edgy and intimate camera shots to build intensity and give the audience a more personal look at her experiences.


Georgia Schwab - Art Director

 Georgia grew up visiting film sets from a very early age where her father pulled focus for cameras on big budget movies and commercials. The Dr. Pepper revolving living room set from the early ‘80’s left a most lasting impression on her. She set her sites on working in the Art Department and took off for the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco to study Interior Design and Production Design. For the last 9 years she has worked on many independent movies, television shows, and commercials with various levels of budgets. Working on the road for movies such as “Wild Things 3”, SYFI Channel’s “Chupacabra: Dark Seas” and FOX’ “ Nanny 911” for FOX has taught her to be efficiently adaptable and resourceful in cities unfamiliar. Time and again she finds resources as well as people to help bring together the look and feel of the project on time and on budget. Some of her other clients include Disney, Lexus, Revlon, State Farm Insurance and Style Network’s “Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane”. She accredits her eclectic design style to her extensive world travel.

Paul Schiraldi - Still Photographer

Paul is the choice still photographer for HBO these days. After making him the primary photographer for hit series “The Wire” they entrusted him with the new hit, “Treme”. In his more that 23 years of shooting, his images have appeared in Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly, The NY Times, Ebony and Time magazines as well as billboards in the heart of Times Square. He has shot on location throughout the U.S. as well as in South Africa, Japan, India, Scotland, Italy, Spain, and even Russia. With his mastery of lighting, Paul is able to work in advertising, sports, concert, film and television industries. 

Jabari Ali - Music Supervisor

Jabari has honed his skills as a Music Supervisor and developed a propensity for “deal making” in record company distribution and licensing music for film and television. He is the co-founder of Paragon Management Corporation and has been instrumental in the development of the soundtrack label, Paragon Soundtracks.
His credits in music supervision include: “Waist Deep” (Focus Features / Rogue /Universal Pictures), “Daddy’s Girl – Laila Ali” (Undisputed Cinema/TV One), and “Biker Boyz” (DreamWorks Pictures). Jabari was a Music Consultant on the Academy Award winning, “Training Day” (Warner Brothers Pictures). He has also licensed music for box office hits like “Super Bad”, “ATL”, “Shaft”, “Get Rich Or Die Tryin“, “Coach Carter”, “Austin Powers In Gold Member”, Oliver Stone’s, “Any Given Sunday” and “Brooklyn’s Finest”. In television, he has successfully placed songs in the following hit series: “Desperate Housewives”, “CSI Miami”, “The Shield”, “Las Vegas”, and “Sons of Tucson”. Most recently, he secured all rights and clearances for the “One Night in Vegas” installment about the friendship between Tupac Shakur & Mike Tyson in ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary special series.

Adam Silver - Cinematographer

Adam was born and raised in Seattle and earned his undergraduate degree at Yale, where he gained solid experience in still photography and documentary filmmaking. After training for several years as a film lighting technician in New York, he continued his studies at Columbia’s Graduate Film Program. The rigorous writing and directing curriculum grounded Adam’s visual skills in a framework of narrative storytelling. While at Columbia Adam photographed more than thirty short films, including Best Cinematography winner (CU Film Festival) “Seibutsu”, Student Academy Award winner “Jesus Henry Christ”, and National Board of Review winner “Godless”.
Adam moved to Los Angeles in 2003 but continues to work on projects in New York, where he is represented by The Right Eye Agency. He shoots feature films, commercials, television, music videos and documentaries. Some credits include the Sundance Lab feature “Year of the Fish”, the Latin heist film “Ladron Que Roba a Ladron”, the gritty Jesse James Hollywood feature “Work”, the television pilot “Sideliners”, and the sci-fi thriller “Megafault”.
Adam has worked all over the United States and has a special interest in Asia, where he has filmed extensively in Burma, Thailand and China. He has expertise in all film and digital formats, and is considered a High Definition specialist with dozens of HD credits.

Karra Duncan - Writer/Director

Tulsa, Oklahoma native, Karra Duncan began her career working for a number of cable network shows in production management before finishing at the top of her class in the NYU Filmmaking Intensive Program. Her directing debut was the 2003 short, "No $uch Luck", the story of a homeless man who finds a winning lottery ticket but can’t cash it in because he has no form of ID. The daughter of a Sociologist, Karra has found her niche telling stories of society's darker side in a way with which everyone can identify. She spent the greater part of last year traveling the film festival circuit with her latest short, "G-Trification", which gives a distinct glimpse of what is happening in Harlem right now. It can currently be seen nationally on local affiliates of ABC, CBS, NBC, CW, UPN, and Fox on its second run as a part of a TV special featuring emerging black filmmakers called “African-American Short Films”. The award winning writer/director is developing a documentary project about father-son legacies and second-generation gang members entitled “A Crip Off The Old Block”. 


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