Star Nation

: Documentary
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Post-Production


A documentary about the incredible growth of the professional competitive video gaming industry surrounding StarCraft II.


The Star Nation documentary follows the story of a few StarCraft 2 players as they attempt to pursue their dreams of making competitive gaming a self-sustaining reality. Through their stories, the documentary explores the incredible growth of electronic sports over the upcoming two years.


Through this project I hope to answer the question, Who are the people behind the game StarCraft II? To do this, I think it is important to view the game from the perspective of every individual involved with the StarCraft II scene, including professional players, people trying to break into the professional scene, the spectators who attend tournaments, the people playing in local LAN tournaments, play-by-play casters on YouTube and those who stream games full-time on, the guys who put on these tournaments, the people making a living from coaching other players, team managers, and the men and women who developed the original StarCraft game and now StarCraft II. The documentary will follow players, fans, and industry people throughout the ranks of the StarCraft community.


There are no key crew provided


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UPDATE - February 12, 2013

It's been almost 2 years since Justin started shooting his first interviews at Major League Gaming in Dallas. Now, we're right back at another Spring season for MLG Dallas with over 200 hours of interviews, gaming footage, and behind the scenes footage from tournaments and players' homes from around the world. It's been an arduous journey, but which documentary isn't? My last documentary, DMT: The Spirit Molecule, took 6 years until distribution. By comparison, this is still a baby. That said, there's a fascinating and endearing story here, and I'm excited to see it finish.

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