Flanders Fields Miracle

: Narrative Short
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Pre-Production


Christmas Eve 1914, German foot soldiers do the unthinkable -- they call an unofficial Truce with their sworn enemies.


December 23, 1914 on the WW1 Western Front in Ypres, Belgium, fierce battles are being fought from inside barbed wire protected trenches that are frozen, rat infested, and sometimes waist high in mud. But as Christmas Eve starts, German foot soldiers, intent on making Christmas a quiet time, decide to take a break from the killings by calling a temporary unofficial Truce, and celebrate Christmas together with their enemies the British foot soldiers… as friends.



As a filmmaker, I have written, produced and directed short stories for film, as well as written feature screenplays. My goal is that my projects not only entertain but are uplifting and maybe give pause for thought. I especially enjoy telling stories that have international appeal.


Maxine Pugh - Writer/Producer/Director

Maxine is currently in post production on a feature length documentay on WWI; she also writes and directs spec commercials for Fortune 500 companies; she produced, directed and shot a photo documentary for the 2012 Obama Presidential Campaign; she wrote, produced and directed the dramatic short film, "Was My Whole Life Wrong," which premiered at the 2012 Festival de Cannes-Short Films Corner; her screenplay “Raison D’etre" won Best Romantic Comedy and Best Special Mention awards in December 2011 at the Monaco Film Festival - Angel Film Awards; in 2010 she produced a short documentary on the Haiti earthquake; she has Associate Produced SMTs; she researched and wrote three screenplays while living and traveling throughout Europe; in Europe she also worked as a ghostwriter writing screenplays for several international clients.

Istvan Leel-Ossy - DOP/Editor/CoProducer

In addition to working in his native Belgium, Istvan has also worked in the Netherlands, Turkey, and New Jersey as a producer, director, editor, sound designer, and recording engineer. In 2011 Istvan directed and edited the short film, "A Heart For A" which won the UNESCO special award at the Ciak Junior Youth Film Festival in Treviso, Italy. Istvan is fluent in Dutch, English, German, French and Turkish.

Michael Vercauteren - Line Producer

In his native Belgium, Michael works as a producer, line producer, and marketing strategist for online web series, online marketing campaigns, mobile TV, podcasts, vodcasts, videoblogs and newsletters.

Mike McKnight - Composer/Sound Design/Mix

Mike has over 25 years of success as a programmer, keyboardist, composer, sound effects editor, music editor, and music director for record projects, films and tours. Mike has worked for such renowned artists as Mariah Carey, U2, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion, and dozens more during his esteemed career.

Shy Figaro - Producer

Shy is a Miami-based philathropist with a deep sense of community and pride in the military. He's self-funded documentaries on Haiti in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, as well as projects spotlighting American soldiers.


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