We Exist

: Documentary Feature
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Production


Journey with Lauren Lubin as she undergoes Sexual Reassignment Surgery to become not male... not female... but a third gender. Transition alongside Lauren during the month leading up to the surgery, and discover what life is like for someone who exists outside of the gender binary.


The film opens showing Lauren, the film's main character, in the middle of her “morning ritual”: standing in the bathroom mirror, topless, covering her breasts, and imagining what life would be like if her body matched her mind. She has done this every morning for as long as she can remember, but soon she'll undergo a procedure that will make it a thing of the past: a double-mastectomy that will masculinize her chest and turn her into what society labels as a gender-neutral transexual.

Lauren's touching story is then told through present-day footage (such as Lauren’s daily routines of having to accept her current body, and binding her chest), interviews with Dr. Garramone (the world's leading authority on FTM Top Surgery), and short, powerful clips from her video diary and meetings. Shots from the diary —which were filmed 30 days before and after Lauren's Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS) — are artistically spliced throughout the narrative. They expose the viewer to Lauren’s most personal inner-thoughts and makes one question the limitations of the gender-binary world that we live in.

The film builds up to the day before Lauren's big surgery, when she meets with Dr. Garramone one final time before undergoing her SRS. Along the way, Lauren encounters many challenges that she—and people like her—have to confront just to be themselves. These include the obstacles faced when trying to do simple activities such as filling out paperwork with limited gender options, struggles to access transgender-friendly medical care, the process she had to go through just to get approval for the surgery (including mandated therapy and doctor sessions), and what the world looks like when one does not identify as either male or female.

The film comes to a close with Lauren recovering days after surgery, and shows her achieving her life-long dream: to finally see her post-operative chest. It depicts how a post-op gender neutral individual must learn how to acclimate themselves into a stringent society that is built around only two-genders. This will provide a rare-glimpse into the life of a gender-neutral transexual... a life that is lived by millions but ignored in academia, the media, and culture at large.

After watching, you will never look at gender the same way.


WE EXIST is a mediation on a topic that gets little to no attention in the media. By educating the masses through an engaging, empowering and touching film, we can impact and promote change. We want to break down the "Gender Binary" through this artistic medium, and create space for the millions of individuals who exist outside of it. Suicide rates are too high; Health care coverage is virtually non-existent and wide-spread discrimination exists.

We are trying to create a film that will be easily-digestible, garner wide-spread distribution and that will be attractive to mainstream audiences. 


Tom Corpolongo - Director of Photography

 Tom is an award-winning Director of Photography with more than 17 years of experience in TV, narrative and documentary work. Some of his professional credits include CNN Sports Illustrated, ABC, HBO, PBS and E! Entertainment. Tom's latest work can be seen on the Travel Channel's Series 'Airport 24/7: Miami'.

Lauren Lubin - Executive Producer

Lauren Lubin is pioneering ultimate gender awareness and equality by producing Gender Blender: A Film About a Third Gender. Lauren’s work shatters traditional, antiquated constructs that defines gender as either male or female. The conversation around this project has started an international movement, impacting the lives and well-being of many and empowering those who have become invisible and oppressed. Lauren — a former division I athlete — spent a year living a monastic lifestyle in a tree house in the rainforest, where Lauren published two books: “The Rain Forest Awakenings” and “The Thoughtless Revolution”. Lauren has been featured in ABC Good Morning, Curve Magazine, Out Magazine, The Denver Post and countless others.


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