: Documentary Feature
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Completed


BRICK follows five blue-collar transgender women home from the annual Esprit Conference for "T- Girls" in Port Angeles, Washington. We witness the loss and extraordinary risk involved as they come out for the first time, and find space to live as middle-age and senior women in the hyper-masculine culture of the Pacific Northwest.


BRICK explores the raw emotional and physical experience of being a middle aged/senior transgender woman against the backdrop of post-industrial logging towns in the Pacific Northwest. The annual "Esprit" conference on the Olympic peninsula of Northern Washington is a safe haven for transgendered women - a place where these biological men can offer sisterhood and camaraderie for one another within the safety of each other’s company. The community of Esprit is made up of construction workers and former members of the military - some with wives that know and some that don't, many whom have children -  that existed as the (male) versions of themselves that others would expect. With this burden has come tremendous pain (a 41% statistical chance of attempting suicide), and a sense of never being known. While the story does not end here, Esprit becomes the nucleus for an incredible ensemble of transgendered women whose lives are a testimony to the physical and psychological transformation of the human spirit when one is no longer forced to deny her innermost self.


Where many films of the past two decades have dealt with the young, the urban, the glamorous, and those living "out" as a transgender person, BRICK leans into the struggle of those who have been reared and successful at being "men" and have reached middle-age or later with a burdensome secret that they can no longer keep. What we think we know about gender and the trans community is replaced by a palpable realization that for these women, the ability to make the inside and outside match is a matter of life or death.

BRICK is a community not necessarily ready to be seen. In spite of this, our characters now know and trust our team, and have come to rely on us as, in many cases, the singular repository for their frustrations, moments of growth, and the minutiae of their day- to-day lives as women, both on and off screen. It is these profoundly intimate stories, filled with the contradictory euphoria of coming out, and guilt and shame for the impact it has on their families and lives, that we feel most compelled to tell. These are the beginnings of what we hope will be a remarkable story about a community of ironworkers, foreman, and military service people who challenge our ideas of what it means to be a woman.


Jessica Dimmock - Director/Cinematographer

Director/Cinematographer Jessica Dimmock is the recipient of numerous international awards, most recently the 2013 World Press Photo Multimedia Contest as the director and cinematographer of the Online Feature “Too Young To Wed.”  In 2010, Jessica won Kodak's Best Cinematography Award from at the Hamptons International Film Festival for WITHOUT, a narrative feature directed by Mark Jackson and co-produced with Jessica. Jessica contributed 2 short films to Doctors Without Borders' Emmy-nominated campaign, “Starved for Attention.” Most recently, she has worked as photographer and videographer for the HBO series "The Weight of the Nation,” nominated for a primetime Emmy for Outstanding Nonfiction Series. She has won many more awards, including the F Award for Concerned Photography, and her work has been commissioned by numerous publications. BRICK will be Jessica's first feature-length documentary shot and directed in the style of her award-winning photojournalism.

Christopher LaMarca - Director/Cinematographer

Award-winning photographer and filmmaker Christopher LaMarca is based in Portland, Oregon. LaMarca has recently entered post-production on his first feature length film, BOONE.  In 2012 BOONE was chosen as 1 of 8 films for Film Independent's Documentary Film lab. LaMarca's monograph, Forest Defenders: The Confrontational American Landscape, was published by powerHouse Books in 2008. He was chosen to participate in the International Center of Photography’s triennial exhibition (2007), New York Photo festival (2009) and Lishui photo festival in China (2010). He has garnered numerous awards, including PDN's 30 Emerging Photographers, PDN Annual, NPPA's Best of Photography, and most recently American Photography 28 (2012), and reported on Environmental and Energy issues for 7 years for magazines such as Rolling Stone, GQ, Fortune, Newsweek and The London Sunday Times magazine. His photographs of Natural Gas extraction and the impacts on human health were used on the senate floor regarding energy legislation.

Kate Barry - Producer

Producer Kate Barry is currently a line producer for The National Geographic Channel, overseeing over 40 productions globally. She was recently a Co-Producer on the HBO series “The Weight of the Nation for Kids.” She worked on the Emmy nominated HBO documentary series “The Weight of the Nation” as Associate Producer, Production Manager and Post Supervisor. Barry has also line produced for HGTV, Bravo, and VH1, and worked in London as Film and Music Entertainment’s Head of European Co-productions. In 2007, Barry produced the feature film “Buick Riviera,” which won the Heart of Sarajevo for best film and best actor.

Katrina Taylor - Co-Producer/Assistant Editor

Co-Producer and Assistant Editor, Katrina Taylor is an award-winning documentary filmmaker based in Portland, Oregon. She has worked in the field of documentary film production and distribution for over eight years. Katrina has collaborated with several organizations to produce and edit a series of documentaries concerning AIDS in Namibia. She served as an assistant editor with the Academy Award winning “The Empowerment Project,” as well as serving as the grassroots coordinator for distribution. An AP for the Discovery Channel Global Education Project, she created and customized educational programming for an international audience. She most recently acted as the Director of Acquisitions for Collective Eye, spearheading the acquisitions, marketing, and digital delivery to the educational market, including the film “Queen of the Sun."

Danielle Dabney - Associate Producer

Danielle Dabney's experience spans new and traditional documentary media. She currently works as a journalist and archival producer for HBO's Emmy-nominated documentary news series "VICE." Prior to joining Vice Media, she freelanced for, the 2012 Obama for America Digital HQ, and HBO Documentary Films. Projects include the launch of Vogue magazine's digital video channel (2013), the Emmy-nominated HBO Documentary series "The Weight of the Nation" (2012), and support for numerous other HBO Emmy and Oscar winning documentary projects (2010-2012). Instagram is her thing: @dbdabney 

John Hoffman - Executive Producer

John Hoffman is the founder of Public Good Projects, a non-profit production company creating innovative media to improve the health behaviors of Americans. Previously, he served as VP of Programming for HBO Documentary Films for 17 years, as both executive producer and creator of the multiple Emmy-nominated series “The Weight of the Nation.” An award-winning filmmaker, Hoffman spearheaded some of HBO's most critically acclaimed documentaries, including: multiple Emmy-winning The Alzheimer’s Project; Addiction, an Emmy Governors Award winner and Dupont-Columbia Award-winner In Memoriam, New York City, 9/11/01. 


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IFP Fiscal Sponsorship Program 2018


UPDATE - November 26, 2013

Chicken & Egg announced BRICK as 1 of 23 2013 grantees. Honored to be supported alongside these other women!

UPDATE - November 24, 2013

Our team was accepted into IFP's Spotlight on Documentaries program in September. We had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people from across the industry, including funders, distributors, and broadcasters. Read more here.

UPDATE - May 19, 2013

 The Equity Foundation of Portland, Oregon awards BRICK a general grant of $1,500 for shooting and production. Read more about the organization here.

UPDATE - February 20, 2013

Director/Cinematographer Jessica Dimmock wins the 2013 World Press Photo Multimedia Contest as the director and cinematographer of the Online Feature "Too Young To Wed."

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